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Miami condo workers suspended repairs last fall due to concrete damage: rapporto

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The nine-page report from Oct. 13, 2020, by engineering firm Morabito Consultants, obtained by USA Today, found that workers from Concrete Protection and Restoration found potentially deep deterioration of concrete n...

Miami-area building’s concrete deterioration was ‘accelerating,’ April condo board letter reads

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Almeno 11 people have died and more than 150 are still missing after the condo partially collapsed early Thursday in Surfside, Florida. Rescue workers continue to search for survivors in the rubble. In the April 9...

Minnesota police fortify Kim Potter’s home with concrete barriers

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The New York Times reported that concrete barriers and fencing were wrapped around former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter’s home. A neighbor told the Wall Street Journal that the community is on edge. "We’r...

Rivelazioni sul tetto: Ozinga Concrete donates concrete to Project H.O.O.D., ‘It’s more blessed to give than to

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There are major companies that refuse to go that route, preferring to strike the right balance between profit and bettering the community. Chicago’s Ozinga Concrete is one such company. On the 64th day of his 100-da...

Ukrainian Parliament member slams Biden, NATO for ‘indecisiveness’: ‘We need concrete steps

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UKRAINIAN INTELLIGENCE RELEASES NAMES OF MORE THAN 600 ALLEGED RUSSIAN SPIES Kira Rudik joined "Volpe & Prima gli amici" Tuesday to discuss President Biden's speech over the weekend during his trip to Eastern Europe...