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Leslie Marshall: On Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett would threaten rights of millions of Americans

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close Video Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to fill Supreme Court seat Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who President Trump nominated Saturday to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of l...

Details of Amy Coney Barrett’s Monday confirmation hearing released

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close Video Carrie Severino previews Monday’s Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearing Two U.S. senators from Indiana and a former law professor will introduce Judge Amy Coney Barrett to America on...

Amy Coney Barrett handled Supreme Court confirmation hearing with grace, poise: esperti

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Buongiorno e benvenuti a Fox News First. Ecco cosa devi sapere quando inizi la giornata ... Amy Coney Barrett handled Supreme Court confirmation hearing with grace and poise, experts sayPresident Trump...

Aggiornamenti in tempo reale: Amy Coney Barrett confirmation vote expected Monday

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close Video Democrats protest Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation Fox News' Chad Pergram reports on Senate efforts to confirm Amy Coney Barrett before the Nov. 3 elezione. Suo. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alas...

Amy Coney Barrett, a proven conservative on Trump’s Supreme Court short list

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Giudice Amy Coney Barrett, a federal appellate judge and Notre Dame law professor, is a proven conservative with a compelling personal story who has long been atop President Donald Trump's Supreme Court short list. T ...

Trey Gowdy blasts Senate Dems over ‘incredibly disrespectfultreatment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett

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close Video Democratic senators refusing to meet with Trump high court nominee Fox News contributor and former Congressman Trey Gowdy weighs in on the Supreme Court vacancy showdown. Senate Democrats who have a...

CNN skips historic Amy Coney Barrett hearing, gets bashed

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close Video Jonathan Turley: Filling of a vacant Supreme Court seat is 'allowed by the Constitution' Joe Biden said filling a vacant Supreme Court seat before the election 'was not constitutional, but it is a con...

Aggiornamenti in tempo reale: Amy Coney Barrett hearings

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close Video Dems grill Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on pro-life beliefs 'The Daily Briefing' reacts to day 3 of the Judge Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmations hearings. Judge Amy Coney Barre...

CNN, La MSNBC salta lo storico voto del Senato che conferma Amy Coney Barrett alla Corte Suprema

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chiudi Video Il voto del Senato conferma Amy Comey Barrett come giudice della Corte suprema dopo a 52-48 voto di maggioranza, il Senato conferma Amy Comey Barrett come Giudice Associato alla Corte Suprema. Le ultime notizie stanno diventando.

Giudice Amy Coney Barrett: 5 things to know

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chiudi Titoli principali dei video per settembre 25 As the nation awaits President Trump’s pick for a new Supreme Court justice, Judge Amy Coney Barrett remains the odds-on favorite. Trump said he's narrowed the l...

rappresentante. Debbie Lesko: Want more women on Supreme Court? Include conservatives like Amy Coney Barrett

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close Video Haley criticizes Democrats for 'throwing stones'' at Amy Coney Barrett When asked when there would be enough women on the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once famously said: “When there ...

Andrew McCarthy: Why Amy Coney Barrett should reject Democratsrecusal gambit

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chiudi Video Sen. Leahy asks Judge Barrett if she'll recuse herself from 2020 election results Vermont Sen. Leahy questions Supreme Court nominee on recusal possibilities if disputes develop in the presidential el...

Buttigieg claims Amy Coney Barrett confirmation puts his marriage in danger

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close Video Pete Buttigieg: We need to turn the page from a president who is ‘incapable’ of handling a public health crisis Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Biden campaign adviser Pete Buttigieg joins ‘Fo...

Harmeet Dhillon: Amy Coney Barrett could have major impact on these landmark cases in Supreme Court

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close Video Amy Coney Barrett will bring 'civility' to Supreme Court: Ex-law clerk Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who President Trump nominated Saturday to serve on the Supreme Court, could have a major impact for d...

Kamala Harris says Amy Coney Barrett’s faith shouldn’t be scrutinized in confirmation hearings

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close Video Conservative group launches ‘Women for Amy’ bus tour Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots Citizens chairwoman, on organizing a bus tour across 12 states in support of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Dem...

Jane Lynch mocks Sen. Lindsey Graham for aside about campaign financing during Amy Coney Barrett hearing

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close Video top entertainment headlines for October 13 i migliori titoli di intrattenimento e celebrità sono qui. fa clic oggi per l'intrattenimento. Jane Lynch pulled no punches in criticizing Sen. Lindsey Graham f...