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FBI-agente het vertroue in Christopher Wray verloor, prokureur wat fluitjieblasers verteenwoordig, sê: verslag doen

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"Ek hoor van [FBI personeel] dat hulle voel dat die direkteur beheer oor die buro verloor het," Kurt Siuzdak, 'n prokureur wat FBI-fluitjieblasers verteenwoordig, aan die Washington Times gesê. "Hulle sê, 'Hoe gaan dit...

Ohio State se CJ Stroud bou selfvertroue voor 2022 seisoen: 'Ek voel ek kan baie meer doen’

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Alhoewel Stroud en Ohio State verlede seisoen teen Michigan verloor het, hy kon nog vir gooi 4,435 erwe en 44 touchdown slaag. Die verlies het dalk die Buckeyes uit die College Football Playoff-prent gestoot ...

Indianapolis polisie unie stem 'geen vertroue’ in liberale aanklaer: ''n Mislukte sosiale eksperiment’

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Byna al die lede van die polisievakbond in Indianapolis het gesê dat hulle nie vertroue in Mears het nie, en Snyder het aangevoer liberale misdaadbeleid het gelei tot die lyding van talle slagoffers, insluitend polisiebeamptes. Die stemming het daarna gekom 2...

Italian PM Mario Draghi suffers blow as key parties boycott confidence vote

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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi won a confidence vote in the country's Senate on Wednesday, but emerged badly bruised. Despite his calls for unity, lawmakers from three parties boycotted the vote: the powerful 5...

Republicans have advantage over Democrats regarding confidence in handling education, survey shows

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The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) commissioned a poll from Hart Research Associates, gevra, "Oor die algemeen, do you have more confidence in the Democrats or in the Republicans to deal with education issues?" Die ...

Kellyanne Conway says neither Kamala nor Biden ‘inspire confidence or demonstrate competence

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: You know it is so fascinating, is dit nie, that when the Democrats now are coming out of the woodwork and saying somehow a guy who wasn’t too old 18 months ago is too old now, and infirm, they stop sh...

Jesse Watters: No one has confidence in the American presidency anymore

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JESSE WATTERS: No one has confidence in the American presidency anymore. The last president was hunted down like a dog and impeached twice and this president is already a lame duck who can't do anything right. GAS ...

American confidence in the presidency, 15 other institutions sink to record lows: Opiniepeiling

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Die opname, Woensdag vrygestel, found that only 27% of Americans have "a great deal" of "quite a lot" of confidence in 14 major institutions in the country, down three points from the former low in 2014. Testing Amer...

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert scores crucial vote of confidence in Colorado primary election victory: ‘Freedom wins

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Dinsdagaand, Boebert was declared the winner in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District over her moderate opponent, state Rep. Don Coram. "Freedom wins!" she said in a tweet after the results were announced. "As ...

Coco Gauff has ‘confidenceafter French Open final

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The 18-year-old sensation advanced to her first Grand Slam final over the weekend but struggled to find her game against world No. 1 Iga Swiatek, who went on to win her second French Open title in just three years. ...

Even if Boris Johnson survives this confidence vote, his premiership is far from safe

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London Boris Johnson will face the darkest moment of his premiership on Monday evening, after it was finally announced after days of speculation that enough letters had been submitted by his own Conservative Party la...

Christie Brinkley speaks out against ageism: It ‘gnaws away at one’s confidence’

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The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model took to Instagram on Sunday and shared a screenshot of an article published by Buzzfeed titled "32 Celebrities Who Are Over 50 And Absolutely Prove That, Ja, Being Older is Attr...

LA County sheriff bypasses liberal DA Gascón in probe of cop killing: ‘I have no confidence

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"I have no confidence in what the local D.A., George Gascón, is going to do," Villanueva gesê. "His deputy district attorney and the Crimes Against Peace Officers unit appeared on the scene of the shooting of Fernand...

Cowboys rookie Micah Parsonsconfidence reaches new heights: ‘I don’t really think the NFL is hard

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The rookie star has clearly been a difference-maker for the Dallas Cowboys this season, and not only is he a lock to win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award, Parsons has a real shot to claim the title as the leagu...

Cowboys’ Mike McCarthy straal selfvertroue uit voor wedstryd teen Washington: 'Ons gaan wen’

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Die Cowboys betree die wedstryd twee wedstryde hoër op Washington in die wenkolom met 'n 8-4 opneem. Dit is die eerste keer dat die twee spanne mekaar hierdie seisoen ontmoet, en 'n oorwinning sal Dallas 'n tree nader aan 'n afdelingstitel bring..

Jets owner Woody Johnson has ‘unwavering, steadfast confidencein general manager, afrigter

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During the league’s fall meeting on Tuesday, Johnson said that he has "unwavering, steadfast confidence" in general manager Joe Douglas and first-year head coach Robert Saleh. New York Jets owner Woody John...

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