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kirk cameron: Las escuelas públicas preparan a los niños con la teoría crítica de la raza, caos sexual,’ y 'confusión racial’

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"El problema es que los sistemas de escuelas públicas se han vuelto tan malos. Es triste decir que están haciendo más para arreglar, para el caos sexual y la izquierda progresista que cualquier educación real sobre las cosas que la mayoría de nosotros queremos ...

Por poco 2 years after masks were required for US travelers, its abrupt end prompts excitement and confusion among passengers

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Scenes ranging from excitement to confusion played out across America's airports Monday after a federal judge struck down the Biden administration's mask mandate for public transportation. Some passengers learned of...

WaPo, Bloomberg, AP scold Biden for ‘sowing confusion’ with ‘off-the-cuff’ remark on ‘genocide’ in Ukraine

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The criticism comes after Biden remarked that Russia’s crimes during its invasion of neighboring Ukraine amount to "genocide" while speaking about energy prices in Iowa on Tuesday. After the speech, Biden dijo informe...

Sean Hannity: [object Window]

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International airlines restore flights to US after 5G confusion

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Londres (CNN Business)Major international airlines have resumed normal service after a slew of cancellations on Wednesday over fears the rollout of 5G mobile networks in the United States would compromise safety. Brit...

Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Siucelebration causes confusion at the Australian Open

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Heard at weddings, in movie theaters and, por supuesto, in football stadiums around the world, the sound of Cristiano Ronaldo's famous 'Siu' celebration became something of an unofficial soundtrack to 2021 -- and it's ...

Erroneous whistle on Bengals touchdown pass sparks confusion, controversia

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Burrow scrambled to his right and threw across his body to connect with Boyd in the end zone. After the extra point, Cincinnati was up 20-6. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Cincinnati Bengals quarter...

‘Chaos and confusionat the White House has staffers considering jumping ship: Bruce

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"It's a very blue Christmas at the White House," la "Hannity" guest host said Thursday. "Build Back Better is dead. COVID-19 is surging, the economy is struggling, inflation is through the roof, violent crime is spi...

Laura Ingraham addresses viral ‘Youconfusion moment

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A principios de esta semana, Ingraham welcomed Raymond Arroyo on her show and he brought up the popular thriller, referring to it by name. Ingraham seemingly mistook his statements for being about her own show. "Esperar, Espere, wa ...

Exclusivo: Dentro de la revisión de la unidad de inteligencia de la Policía del Capitolio que causó confusión antes de enero 6

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Nota de programación: Un nuevo documental de CNN, "Superando la democracia: Un golpe estadounidense," sobre los intentos del expresidente Donald Trump de subvertir la 2020 elección, estrena en 9 pm. ET el viernes, noviembre 5. Washington A ...

Confusion reigns in Texas as new law aims to restrict how race and history are taught in schools

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San Antonio, Texas A new Texas law aimed at restricting discussions of race and history in schools has some educators second guessing themselves and forgoing civics-related activities to avoid running afoul of it. ...

Anger and confusion inside ABC News after former ‘Good Morning Americaboss is sued for alleged sexual assault

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(CNN Business)A version of this article first appeared in the "Fuentes fiables" Boletin informativo. You can sign up for free right here. Staffers are angry, confused, and demanding answers inside ABC News after a lawsuit ...

Twitter says Trump Jr. tweet comparing President Biden to Jimmy Carter caused confusion

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El viernes, Donald Trump Jr. tuiteó, "Biden isn’t the next FDR [Franklin Delano Roosevelt] he’s the next Jimmy Carter." Later on Friday, debajo "tendencias" in politics, Twitter wrote that "people are confused by" la ...

Washington Post fact-checker calls out Biden admin for trying to ‘spinrefugee cap reversal as ‘confusion

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The White House on Friday said that President Biden is expected to increase the refugee cap for this fiscal year, just hours after he signed an order that kept it at Trump-era levels and infuriated congressional Demo...

Merkel says confusion over Easter restrictions were ‘singularly and alone my mistake

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has walked back on her plan to impose a new hard lockdown during the upcoming Easter holiday, apologizing for causing confusion over the restrictions and saying the issue was "singula...