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Former Green Beret running for Congress gives Biden an ‘Fin Middle East policy

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Kent is one of several Republicans primarying Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash., after she voted to impeach former President Trump in 2020. Herrera Beutler's vote crystallized Kent's commitment to making an impact ...

Supreme Court punts on including women in the draft, cites ‘deference to Congress

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The court denied a petition from the National Coalition for Men to hear the case on the system that currently requires all men from 18 per 25 to register for potential military service in a national crisis. Il gruppo ...

Miami mayor, Florida Congress members to attend first-of-its-kind conservative climate rally

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Florida Republican Reps. Carlos Curbelo, Maria Salazar and Carlos Giménez will join the Republican mayor for the "American Conservative Climate Rally" hosted by The American Conservation Coalition, a nonprofit aiming...

Prati, Jordan chiede a Fauci di tornare al Congresso e rispondere alle domande sulle e-mail

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MARK PRATI: Bene, Posso dirvi che ciò che deve accadere è che il membro della graduatoria Jordan e i suoi omologhi del Senato devono avere un'altra udienza dove effettivamente riportare, Dott. Fauci, per guardare alcuni di questi ke...

Biden and Congress face increasing pressure from some Black leaders to enact police reform

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President Joe Biden and the Democratic-controlled Congress are facing increasing pressure this week from Black civil rights leaders who say federal lawmakers have made little progress with police reform one year aft...

Key progressive initiatives stall in Congress as some on the left urge Biden to go bold, and go alone

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As President Joe Biden pursues his quest for a bipartisan legislative victory and Congress winds down before the Memorial Day holiday, some of the top legislative priorities for progressives are stalling in Washingt...

rappresentante. McCaul calls out members of Congress for engaging in anti-Semitic behavior: We must stand behind Israel

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MCCAUL: We have seen it going on for a while, but just recently with Hamas claiming victory, and really its propaganda coming out of the terrorist organization trying to influence the Palestinians. Remember they were...

Daniel Hernandez, former Gabby Giffords intern who helped save her life, is running for Congress

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Washington The intern who helped save former US Rep. Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords in the minutes after she was critically wounded in a 2011 shooting is running to represent her old Arizona district in Congress. Arizona...

Bill fighting hate crimes against Asian Americans approved by Congress

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Il conto, which the House passed on a 364-62 votazione, will expedite the review of hate crimes at the Justice Department and make grants available to help local law enforcement agencies improve their investigation, ident...

Congress is up against the clock on key Biden priorities. Here’s what to watch.

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Washington Congress has just two weeks to ramp up negotiations on a number of key Biden administration agenda items before the end of the current work period threatens to halt any meaningful progress. Legislation add...

Rand Paul: Dott. Fauci lied to Congress about Wuhan lab research funding

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RAND PAUL, FAUCI AGAIN SPAR OVER COVID ORIGINS, CONTROVERSIAL WUHAN LAB RAND PAUL: I would say what Dr. Fauci said yesterday was verifiably false. He said no NIH money went to Wuhan institute for gain-of-function. We...

US Capitol Police says threats against members of Congress up 107% rispetto a 2020

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US Capitol Police said Friday that there has been a 107% increase in threats against members of Congress this year compared to 2020 and the department is "confident" the number of cases will continue to increase. "UN...

Marjorie Taylor Greene rips ‘weak’ Repubblicani, Congress on new ‘Tucker Carlson Today

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In the aptly named episode, "Marjorie Taylor Green vs. Everybody," the Georgia congresswoman dishes on what’s really happening on Capitol Hill, her first realizations upon arriving there, and why some voters are tire...

Lo sceriffo ha rivolto la richiesta personale del parlamentare GOP a Biden dopo il discorso al Congresso

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rappresentante. Troy Nehls: Ho condotto una campagna su questo tema relativo ad alcune significative riforme della giustizia penale. intendo, Presidente Trump, ha fatto del suo meglio per ottenere una riforma significativa della giustizia penale. Penso al senatore Tim ...

‘Platitudes and political theater:’ Tomi Lahren and All-Star panel react to Biden’s address to Congress

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Elmore joined host Tomi Lahren, along with Fox Nation host David Webb and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz, to react to Biden’s address, aggiungendo, "you could barely put all those platitudes into one speech, really."...

President Biden’s address to Congress: La cima 5 momenti

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Here are the top five moments from Biden's address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday night. Biden's entrance Biden's walk to the front of the House chamber was eerie. Normally at addresses like this, presidente.