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Congress on brink of deal on $900 billion relief package after resolving key dispute

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A deal on a long-awaited rescue package to deliver much-needed aid to struggling Americans suddenly was within reach after a major breakthrough Saturday night over a key sticking point: the role of the Federal Reser...

Washington Post crushed for ‘fact check’ on whether Sen. Tim Scott truly went ‘from cotton to Congress

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스콧, who was chosen Thursday to deliver the Republican Party’s response to President Biden's speech to a joint session of Congress on April 28, was the subject of a lengthy piece by the Post’s fact-checker, Glenn K...

박사. 거짓말을 잡은 Fauci’ 책이 우한 연구소 연계 보조금에 대한 세부 사항을 공개 한 후 의회에, 의원은 말한다

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Fauci, 국립 알레르기 및 전염병 연구소를 이끄는, 처음에는 코로나 바이러스에 대한 연구를 수행하는 비영리 단체 인 EcoHealth Alliance에 NIH 보조금을 취소하라는 백악관 지시에 저항했습니다. ...

Biden says ‘everybody is frustrated’ as agenda stalls in Congress amid Dem division

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"Everybody is frustrated, it’s part of being in government, being frustrated," Biden told reporters on the White House lawn. PELOSI SAYS 'MORE TIME IS NEEDED' AFTER ADMITTING DEFEAT ON INFRASTRUCTURE BILL: LIVE UPDAT...

Trump administration gives notice to Congress on three planned arms sales to Taiwan

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The Trump administration has alerted Congress of its intent to move forward with three advanced weapons sales to Taiwan, a congressional aide and a source familiar told CNN Monday. The move comes as the administrati...

BREAKING: People hate Congress less!

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(A version of this piece appeared in Wednesday's The Point newsletter. Sign up for more!) Congress is more popular than anytime since the early spring of 2020 -- and its approval rating has jumped by 10 points since...

슬리피 조 회장’ Biden은 Sen을 넣습니다.. 테드 크루즈, 의회 연설 중 잠자기

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텍사스 상원 의원. Ted Cruz는 Biden이 국경 위기를 일으켰을 무렵 졸고 싶은 충동과 싸우고 있었던 것으로 보입니다., 그의 연설에 대략 한 시간, 비디오 쇼. 바이든은 이민자 유입으로 관심을 돌렸다..

5명의 은퇴한 Navy SEAL, 의회 출마: '미국은 확실히 고칠 수 있다’

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은퇴한 씰 브래디 듀크 (R-Fla.), 데릭 반 오든 (R-Wis.), 엘리 크레인 (R-Ariz.), 모건 러트렐 (R- 텍사스) 그리고 라이언 징크 (R-Mt.) Fox News의 Steve Doocy에 합류했습니다. "여우 & 친구" 그들이 실행하는 이유를 논의하기 위해...

Eliza Dushku는 'Bull'에서 괴롭힘 혐의에 대해 자세히 설명합니다.’ 의회에

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엘리자 두슈쿠(Eliza Dushku)는 화요일 하원 법사위원회 앞에서 자신의 성추행 혐의에 대해 증언했다. "황소." 에 2018, CBS, Dushku에 지불하기로 합의 $ 9.5 그녀가 자신을 주장한 후 백만...

Why Congress should be much more worried about Covid-19 than they are

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Over the last 48 시간, at least four House members and a US senator have tested positive for the coronavirus, seemingly part of the broader surge in cases across the country. The overall reaction within the halls ...

바이든, blocked by Congress, resorts to minor gun measures

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"We have a long way to go, it seems like we always have a long way to go," he said yesterday. What he was doing, on a warm Washington day, was bowing to political reality. The president announced minor steps on gun ...

다니엘 에르난데스, 그녀의 생명을 구하는 데 도움을 준 전 Gabby Giffords 인턴, 의회에 출마합니다

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워싱턴 전 미국 대표를 구한 인턴. 가브리엘 "말 많은" 그녀가 중상을 입은 후 몇 분 안에 Giffords 2011 의회에서 그녀의 오래된 애리조나 지역을 대표하기 위해 총격 사건이 진행 중입니다.. 애리조나 ...

Biden blames storm damage in northeast on climate change, calls on Congress to pass infrastructure bill

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"People are beginning to realize this is much, much bigger than anyone was willing to believe," Biden told residents of Queens, 뉴욕, during his remarks following a tour through the neighborhood. "And the whole s...

Georgia runoff timing means Perdue won’t be in Congress for joint session on Electoral College

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The tight January political calendar means Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue won't be in office when Congress meets for a joint session on the Electoral College on January 6, regardless of the results of the Sena...

의회는 불법 이민에 대한 조치를 취할 필요가 있다고 Yuma는 말했다, Ariz. Douglas Nicholls 시장

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"이러한 인신 매매 범에게는 비즈니스입니다., 그래서 그들이 매년 수십억 달러를 가져 오는 사업이라면, 당신은 그들이 모든 각도와 모든 약점과 제자리에있는 모든 정책을 이용하려고하는 것을 보게 될 것입니다. ...

대표. Carter says Fauci lied to Congress and should be fired

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BUDDY CARTER: Obviously what we have got here is someone who is more concerned with remaining relevant than they are about telling the truth and what he did was to actually lie to the Energy and Commerce Committee. ...

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