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Scalise, GOP lawmakers demand probe of FBI designation of congressional baseball shooting as ‘suicide by cop

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Scalise, R-La., was nearly killed and others were severely injured after gunman James Hodgkinson opened fire on Republican lawmakers and others on site for the 2017 baseball practice. In a letter to Wray, the lawmake...

Mike Carey wins special election in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, Proyectos de CNN

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Washington, DC Republican Mike Carey will win a special election in Ohio's 15th Congressional District, defeating Democrat Allison Russo, Proyectos de CNN. The race took place for the US House seat previously held by for...

New York Dems illegally drew congressional districts, appeals court rules

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A panel of five judges wrote that Democrats unconstitutionally drew up congressional districts "to discourage competition or for the purpose of favoring or disfavoring incumbents or other particular candidates or pol...

septiembre 11 Congressional Report Fast Facts

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Here's a look at the 9/11 Congressional Report, released by Congress on July 24, 2003. Facts The full name of the report is the Report of the Joint Inquiry into the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 by the Hou...

Democratic congressional hopeful Nina Turner received donation from pro-Assad operative

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Turner is the frontrunner in a group of Democrats looking to succeed Housing and Urban Development (Vivienda y desarrollo urbano de EE. UU.) Secretary Marcia Fudge's empty Ohio congressional seat. The Ohio progressive currently has a fundraising lead i...

Alabama asks Supreme Court to intervene in congressional redistricting dispute

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Alabama asked the Supreme Court on Friday to freeze a lower court decision ordering the state to redraw its congressional map, marking the first 2022 election dispute to reach the high court. En documentos judiciales, the s...

Arizona congressional aide found dead after being reported missing in Death Valley

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An Arizona congressional aide was found dead in a remote area of Death Valley, just days after being reported missing during a camping trip with his girlfriend, los funcionarios dijeron. Alexander Lofgren, 32, and 27-year old...

Biden inducted into Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame

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Biden, who took part in the Congressional Baseball Game during his time in the Senate, made a surprise visit to the park, where he received mixed reactions from both Democrats and Republicans as he greeted those in a...

Fauci claims to have ‘absolutely nothing to hide or nothing to be concerned aboutin Congressional hearing

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DR. ANTHONY FAUCI: I have absolutely nothing to hide or nothing to be concerned about, of anything that I've done. So I never have been – and not now and will never be – afraid of hearings done in good faith in overs...

An aspiring congressional candidate unveils novel campaign slogan: ‘Make crime illegal again

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Larkin, a Republican who lost his bid for Washington state attorney general to the incumbent Democrat in 2020, plans to challenge sitting Democratic Rep. Kim Schrier for the seat representing the 8th District of Wash...

Marjorie Taylor Greene presenta un proyecto de ley para honrar a Kyle Rittenhouse con la Medalla de Oro del Congreso

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El premio es el más alto honor otorgado por el Congreso.. Entre los destinatarios recientes se encuentran agentes del orden público que respondieron a las solicitudes de enero de EE. UU.. Capitol Riot y el 13 NOSOTROS. miembros del servicio muertos en un ataque terrorista ...

New York’s highest court blocks Democratic-drawn congressional map over gerrymandering

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New York's highest court blocked the state's Democratic-drawn congressional map Wednesday, concluding that the new boundaries represented a partisan gerrymander that violates the state constitution. This story is br...

Gorsuch rejects appeal by Minnesota Republican to delay congressional election

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Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch on Tuesday rejected an appeal from a Republican congressional candidate in Minnesota to delay that election until February. Tyler Kistner was asking the court to intervene in a c...

4 takeaways from Ohio’s special congressional primaries

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In two Ohio congressional primaries Tuesday, Democratic voters embraced the party's establishment, delivering President Joe Biden another ally and denying the left-wing "Equipo" its latest member. Republicanos, meanwh...

Datos divertidos para conversar durante las pausas comerciales

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Datos divertidos para conversar durante las pausas comerciales, Datos divertidos para conversar durante las pausas comerciales, Datos divertidos para conversar durante las pausas comerciales. Datos divertidos para conversar durante las pausas comerciales.

Some Trump congressional backers see big campaign windfalls in 1st quarter

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Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida raised more than $ 1.8 million during the first three months of the year, largely driven by small donations as the Republican mounted a vigorous defense of former President Donald Trump, ...

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