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Changes in India’s monsoon rainfall could bring serious consequences to more than a billion people

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Global warming is increasing the variability of India's monsoon rains faster than previously projected, according to a recent study from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). For every degree Cels...

Arizona mayor tells Tomi Lahren he’s ‘left to deal with the consequences’ of Biden’s border policies

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"I don’t want to play politics, but this is a crisis - pure and simple," Gila Bend Mayor Chris Riggs told Lahren, who made a recent visit to the southern border. He added that he is trying his best to deal with the s...

Hannity: Fake news has real consequences

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HANNITEIT: In werklikheid, he was caught red-handed lying over and over again and again about it… And why is no one in the media asking real questions about the day-to-day schedule, the obvious stamina issues surrounding J...

‘Allen v. Farrowis the latest example of ‘consequences culture

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HBO's new docuseries, "Allen v. Farrow," is more than a piercing look at a bitter custody battle between two famous people amid allegations of sexual misconduct. It's the latest in a wave of documentary films that s...

Die pandemie benadeel gay- en lesbiese kroeë. Die gevolge vir die gemeenskap kan verwoestend wees

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Alexi Minko se kroeg is soveel meer as net 'n drankieplek. Toe hy die Alibi Lounge in 2016, dit het vinnig 'n vaste instelling vir die LGBTQ-lewe in Harlem geword. Dit is nie net die eerste LGBTQ-balk in die ...