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British Conservative politician’s stabbing death declared a ‘terrorist incident

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The probe into the death of David Amess, 69, will be led by the Counter Terrorism Command of the Metropolitan Police, the agency Friday. Amess was speaking at a Methodist Church on Friday when a man entered and stab...

挪威似乎将在石油辩论中取代保守党政府, 初步结果显示

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挪威似乎将结束保守党领导的联合政府八年的统治, 周一该国议会选举的初步结果显示——环保倡导者的转变。.

Missouri conservative group confronts student senator as he takes down and throws away flags from 9/11 显示

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In a video posted by Young Americans for Freedom, a student can be seen gathering small American flags into bags and attempting to carry them away. 总共 2,977 flags were placed on the lawn representing each mur...

Biden’s Afghan refugee request sparks conservative fears of ‘unlimited green cards

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The language was included in a request for a continuing resolution (CR) to allow for lawmakers to pass a budget for fiscal year 2022, which also includes a $ 14 billion request for disaster relief. MAYORKAS DEFENDS ...

自由主义主导的圣地亚哥县委员会提出 COVID 声明,保守派批评人士称阻碍言论自由

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该提案的摘要声称 "与 COVID-19 的变体相比,健康错误信息现在对公共健康构成了更大的威胁。" "作为回应, 圣地亚哥县监事会承认....

CNN host implies Supreme Court ruling an act of hypocrisy from conservative judges

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在星期三, 的 "CNN新闻室" anchor spoke with CNN Supreme Court analyst Joan Biskupic on the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the Trump immigration policy. Sciutto immediately argued that the conservative...

在民主党市长之后保守反应涌入, 州长强加新的口罩规定: '吻我的面具’

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美国疾病控制与预防中心本周表示,即使是在被认为高风险地区接种疫苗的人也应该回到室内戴口罩——这引发了新一波的面部遮盖要求. 但这些任务对 n.. 来说是不受欢迎的。.

Jason Rantz offers advice to aspiring conservative radio, podcast hosts: ‘Know what you want to say

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Rantz participated in a discussion at Turning Point USA's Student Action Summit in Tampa called "From Podcasting to Broadcasting, Breaking In and Standing Out," speaking to young conservatives about successfully buil...

Conservative radio host Larry Elder joins Gavin Newsom recall race: ‘We’ve got a state to save

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"People are fed up," the 69-year-old attorney told Fox News in an afternoon phone call. "2.2 million people signed this petition, which meant a lot of Democrats and a lot of independents who voted for this man change...

Conservative Latinos push back on MSNBC claim they’re in ‘crisis’: '没有, we are waking up

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"What we're seeing right now is a cultural identity crisis that we are undergoing as a community that is completely splitting and dividing Latinos," MSNBC contributor Paola Ramos said earlier this week. Mercedes Sch...

Noem says it was ‘toughto be ‘attacked by my friendsin conservative media over trans-athlete bill coverage

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Speaking to reporters at CPAC on the subject of restoring trust Americans have in politics, Noem urged the media to be "a little more diplomatic," saying it "just gets old" to be taken out of context. She then cited...

保守派对批判种族理论的恐慌, 解释

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华盛顿 这个故事的一个版本出现在 CNN 的 Race Deconstructed 时事通讯中. 每周将其放入您的收件箱, 在这里免费注册. 考虑一下批判种族理论. 它并不总是一个保守的...

New York Times slammed for framing of SCOTUS decision as ‘siding with conservative groups

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星期四, the New York Times reported on the Supreme Court ruling that California charities do not have to report the names and addresses of their donors, citing the First Amendment. Their tweet on the subject, ....

'麦卡伦第一’ 哲学推动小企业在深蓝色的南德克萨斯州支持保守派

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德布鲁恩说,人们告诉他们,在大流行期间开一家餐馆是疯了. 尽管如此, 两人的投资翻了一番, 接管 Iced Cube 特许经营权并开设另外两个地点.

新出版社与保守的审查制度作斗争: “言论自由的基本权利”受到攻击

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All Seasons Press 联合创始人、前西蒙和舒斯特员工路易丝·伯克告诉 "塔克·卡尔森今晚" 周四,出版商的成立是为了保护美国人的第一修正案权利. "我们创建了所有 S...

凯莉多德声称她被“真正的家庭主妇”解雇了’ 因为她保守

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现在这位真人秀明星声称她从 Bravo 真人秀节目中被解雇了,因为她很保守. 在粉丝Instagram账号@realhousewivesfranchise的评论区, 一个粉丝写道, "为什么被...

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