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Why Trump still appeals to Texas conservatives

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Chris Salcedo, the radio show host of the Texas-based "The Chris Salcedo Show," featured on NewsmaxTV, WBAP and KSEV. この解説で表現された見解は彼自身のものです. CNNに関する意見をもっと見る. When I moved from C...

Supreme Court’s conservatives seemed poised to uphold Arizona voting law

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In a critical voting rights case, conservative Supreme Court justices on Tuesday suggested they were ready to uphold two provisions of an Arizona voting law that Democrats argue violate the historic Voting Rights Ac...

Supreme Court conservatives want to topple abortion rightsbut can’t seem to agree on how

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Conservative Supreme Court justices have demonstrated a desire to reverse prior decisions on abortion rights. 質問, with Chief Justice John Roberts no longer the undisputed swing vote on abortion, is when an...

ホワイトハウスは、保守派に対する懸念の高まりを反映するために広告キャンペーン戦略をシフトします’ 予防接種の抵抗

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保守派の間でCovid-19のワクチン接種に消極的であるため、ホワイトハウス内で懸念が高まっています。, 問題に精通している人々によると, ジョー・バイデン大統領の政権としても急速に。.

Conservatives with high expectations anxious for Justice Amy Coney Barrett to show her hand

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Some conservatives who pushed and prodded for the Senate to quickly confirm Amy Coney Barrett to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court last fall are rattled by what they have seen so far....

Who will be the next Antonin Scalia? Conservatives fight over his legacy

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Five years after the death of conservative hero Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court justices continue to joust over who among them is truly preserving -- または, alternatively, disserving -- his legacy. Their moves will hel...

Erickson: Conservatives must fight back, show corporations if you go woke, you’ll ‘go broke

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GEORGIA VOTING LAW CHANGES ARE OK WITH AMERICANS, 42% TO 36%: POLL ERICK ERICKSON: I'm not really surprised. They've done this before. 実際には, ジョージア, 過去には, 例えば, the fetal heartbeat ban, they've been...

Conservatives must fight Big Tech censorship ‘in the marketplace’: ガウディ

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"It is important that conservatives make the right argument. This is not a First Amendment issue. It's not a free speech issue because it's not government conduct," Gowdy told Fox News "数が多い。" "というのは, you hav...

Tomi Lahren to Big Tech: Why do you have to censor conservatives?

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トミ・ラーレン: ええ, I really do think that it needed to come to this in order to wake people up and understand if they can do this to the former president of the United States, someone who may very well run again in 2...


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司法機関がミシシッピ州の中絶法を支持した場合、数人の民主党上院議員が今週、最高裁判所に詰め込むよう呼びかけました。. Wa...

Twitter declares access to its platform a ‘human rightamid censorship of conservatives

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Twitter deleted a fiery tweet from President Muhammadu Buhari that many perceived as a veiled threat against violent separatists in the nation’s southeast – then his government’s information wing responded by banning...

担当者. Ken Buck: Big Tech’s monopoly powers must be broken up – conservatives should support antitrust reform

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All six bills have one thing in common: they take on Big Tech’s market dominance that allows them to throttle small businesses, limit consumer choice, and stifle conservative speech online. The pro-monopoly lobbyist...

ニュートギングリッチ: Critical race theory spreading – but parents pushing back and here’s how conservatives can help

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表面で, it may seem progressives are winning as CRT infects schools across America, but the fight against this racist indoctrination is really a winning issue for conservatives. According to CRT, racism is a ...

South Africa is considering letting women have multiple husbands. Conservatives aren’t happy

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South Africa's government is considering allowing women to have multiple husbands, a possibility that has thrown the country's conservatives into uproar. The proposal to allow polyandry was included in a green paper...

CPAC 2021: FoxNationが後援する, 影響力のある保守派からのライブスピーチのストリーミング

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ドナルド・トランプ前大統領と他の影響力のある保守派がローンスター州で舞台に上がり、明日金曜日からアメリカに個人的なメッセージを届けます。, 7月 9 日曜日まで, 7月...

カリフォルニア州の組合のボスは、ニューサムが「気を失った」と言っている, 誤って「保守派」を攻撃している’ 地方の刑務所を閉鎖することによって

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リチャードルイスブラウン, 今年初めに組合の政治献金を削減することを約束して話題になった人, 言った "あなたの世界" 金曜日に、ニューサムはラッセン郡の労働者を標的にしているようです。 ...

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