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The Golden Globes are considered a big party. Hierdie jaar, they’ll air under two clouds

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The Golden Globes are celebrated as a star-studded party, but this year they'll air under a pair of clouds -- one due to the difficulty in staging a free-wheeling awards show during a pandemic, the other lined by fr...

Trump se Covid-19-toestand was so kommerwekkend dat dokters dit oorweeg het om hom op 'n ventilator te plaas, bron bevestig

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Voormalige president Donald Trump se toestand nadat hy positief op Covid-19 getoets het, het verlede Oktober so geraak dat daar sprake was van hom op 'n ventilator, volgens wat Trump destyds vir een persoon gesê het ...

The UK considered shipping migrants 4,000 myle weg. This is the influential minister in charge of immigration policy

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London No one takes the job of Britain's interior minister with the aim of becoming popular. The occupant of the post, officially titled home secretary, sits astride a sprawling government department that oversees t...

Washington Post: Trump considered daughter Ivanka as 2016 vice presidential pick, according to book by former campaign aide

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Washington President Donald Trump floated his daughter Ivanka Trump as a vice presidential running mate during the 2016 verkiesing, according to a report by The Washington Post on Monday. Citing an upcoming book by fo...