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Abbott considers taking Biden to court: ‘He’s a habitual violator of the US Constitution

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Virginia Rep. Donald Beyer Jr., an Alexandria Democrat, has authored legislation to require either a negative COVID test or vaccine documentation to travel aboard Amtrak, while NIAID Director Anthony Fauci floated va...

Gli elettori dell'Alabama approvano un emendamento per rimuovere il linguaggio razzista dalla costituzione dello stato

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L'Alabama ha votato per rimuovere il linguaggio razzista dalla sua costituzione, Progetti CNN. Sebbene la segregazione non sia legale in Alabama dagli anni '50, una sezione rimane nella costituzione dello stato che richiede Black and W ...

Alabama voters will decide whether to remove racist language about segregated schools and interracial marriage from the state constitution

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This Election Day, Alabama voters once again will decide whether to remove racist language from the state's constitution and other sections that ground it in its segregationist past. Although segregation hasn't bee...

Biden’s Supreme Court pick should be about the Constitution, not color

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Oggi, we are seeing a similar situation play out with President Biden, chi, as part of his presidential campaign, promised a seat on the Supreme Court in exchange for political benefit. Ancora, instead of facing impeac...

Broadway comes to TV with ‘American Utopiaand ‘What the Constitution Means to Me

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With Broadway marquees dark, this weekend brings a welcome double dose of the New York stage to TV screens: "American Utopia," David Byrne's free-spirited concert, directed by Spike Lee for HBO; e "What the Consti...

Can a new constitution solve Chile’s old problems?

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For a country at peace, Chile has seen plenty of recent turmoil. Churches were set ablaze and hundreds arrested during protests in the capital Santiago last weekend, nearly a year after at least 26 people died in fi...

Il presidente del Cile saluta il "trionfo della democrazia"’ mentre gli elettori si ritirano alla demolizione della costituzione dell'era della dittatura

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Il presidente cileno Sebastian Piñera ha salutato i risultati di un referendum nazionale tenuto per abolire una costituzione dell'era della dittatura come un "trionfo" per la democrazia. I risultati preliminari di domenica scorsa hanno mostrato che i cileni sono stati schiaccianti..

Constitution doesn’t require census to be accurate, Trump administration says

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The Trump administration argued on Friday against a challenge to its 2020 census plans by saying the Constitution requires a count but does not say it must be accurate. "It cannot be the case that accuracy in and ...

Freedom of speech is from the Constitution not ‘Facebook’s Oversight Board,’ RNC says of Trump ban

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"We’ve known for multiple cycles that Facebook, Twitter and Big Tech have become an extension of the left’s woke mob. The First Amendment and our freedom of speech is a right granted to all Americans from the Constit...

Haskins and Talgo: 3 ways the Left is working to undermine our Constitution

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A settembre 17, 1787, the Founding Fathers concluded the Constitutional Convention by signing their names to the U.S. Costituzione, which was officially ratified one year later, forever altering the history of the w...

How to write a new constitution for a divided and unequal Chile

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Elisa Loncón, a Chilean linguist, grew up in a "ruka," a traditional wood and straw hut where the Indigenous Mapuche people live in rural areas of south-central Chile. She went to school in the nearest city, where sh...

John Kennedy on evictions moratorium: For many in Washington, the ‘Constitution is just a nuisance

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BIDEN SOUGHT NEW EVICTION MORATORIUM BUT LACKED LEGAL AUTHORITY: WHITE HOUSE JOHN KENNEDY: It’s time to rejoin our lives and we can’t give free rent to everybody. If you want free rent—there’s nothing free, Conto. Vigilia...

Jonathan Turley: Biden’s Constitution workarounds – president doesn’t seem to see limits for government

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From abortions to elections to rents, Biden is seeking to federalize huge areas to displace state law. Not since John Adams and his Federalist Party has the country faced such a fundamental challenge to our system of...

Judge to Capitol riot defendant: ‘Patriotism is loyalty to country, loyalty to the Constitution

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A federal judge rejected the argument that US Capitol rioters held in jail are being prosecuted for their political views and disavowed attempts to downplay the magnitude of the deadly insurrection during a sentenci...

Kash Patel: Milley’s actions ‘egregiousand a ‘violation of the Constitution

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Host Mark Levin believes when Milley allegedly spoke on the phone with Nancy Pelosi about protecting the nuclear codes from then-President Donald Trump, è stato "violating the Constitution." "Prima di tutto, Trump didn...

Kevin McCarthy rips DemsHR 1 conto: It goes against the Constitution

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MCCARTHY: H.R. 1 is the most important bill for the Democrats, that's why it's the number one bill. It has nothing to do about the pandemic, putting people back to work or kids back in school. It has everything to do...