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Geen. 5 NC State women contain Lee, beat Kansas State 90-69

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The Kansas State center entered Friday night's game against the fifth-ranked Wolfpack as the nation's second-leading scorer at 29.3 points per game. "Uiteraard, we had a lot of focus on her, and we wanted to make som...

Rebecca Grant: Blinken blew it at G7 – Yes, America is trying to contain China (and its space junk)

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Where is John Foster Dulles when you need him? Eisenhower’s stern secretary of state from 1953-1959 was a master of tough lawyer language. Dulles coined the nuclear strategy term "massive retaliation" in 1954 to remi...

Rare meteorite that fell on UK driveway may contain ‘ingredients for life

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A fireball that lit up the sky over the United Kingdom and Northern Europe on February 28 was an extremely rare type of meteorite. Fragments of the space rock discovered on a driveway in the Cotswolds could provide ...

Hiland Dairy recalls batch of chocolate milk, saying it may contain food-grade sanitizers

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A batch of chocolate milk has been recalled after it was discovered that some could contain food-grade sanitizers. Hiland Dairy is recalling half-pint, 1% low fat, chocolate milk, sold in small cartons, produced in ...

11,000 cartons of ice cream are being recalled because they may contain metal pieces

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Before you settle down for a bowl of your favorite frozen treat, beware of mouthful of metal pieces. A recall has been issued for more than 11,000 containers of Weis Markets ice cream products that may be contamina...

'N Jaar na Wuhan, China sluit 'n ander stad van China af 11 miljoen mense om 'n koronavirus-opvlam te bevat

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China het 'n stad van 11 miljoen mense in die noordelike provinsie Hebei, in 'n poging om die land se ergste koronavirus-opvlam in maande te beperk. Inwoners van Shijiazhuang, 'n provinsiale hoofstad sluit ...

Europa loods massa-inentingsprogram terwyl lande hardloop om nuwe variant te bevat

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'N Vlieënier het na die lug bokant Duitsland gevlieg met behulp van sy vliegweg om 'n spuit te trek, voor die bekendstelling van die Covid-19-inentingsveldtog in Europa, volgens data van FlightRadar24. Die vlieënier, Samy Kramer, ...

CDC director says colleges ‘stepped updespite his concerns that students would make the pandemic difficult to contain

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Despite early outbreaks of Covid-19 on college campuses, mitigation strategies have helped fight the virus, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Dr. Robert Redfield said in a livestre...

Meer as 1 million mink will be killed to help contain a series of Covid-19 outbreaks on Danish farms

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The Danish government has ordered the country's mink farms to cull over 1 million mink due to a series of Covid-19 outbreaks among the animals. The current outbreak is believed to have started in late June when a Co...