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LA Lakers fall out of NBA playoff contention after seventh consecutive defeat

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The Los Angeles Lakers missed out on a place in the NBA playoffs this year after suffering a seventh consecutive defeat on Tuesday. Once again missing star LeBron James through injury, the Lakers fell to a 121-110 ...

14 NFL teams eliminated from playoff contention — what they must do to improve

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And then there’s the other guys. The also-rans. There are six AFC teams and eight NFC teams that are already eliminated from playoff contention. This in a year the NFL is inviting one more team — seven instead o...

Matthew Wolff, in contention at the US Open, opens up on mental health

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After two rounds at the US Open, Matthew Wolff is in a tie for third and one shot off the lead. And he acknowledges he is surprised to be in this position. Prior to this major event, Wolff, who has had a rocky seas...

Cruz challenges Biden DOJ pick’s contention that she opposes defunding police

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Early in the hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin, D-Ill., attempted to get ahead of the controversy by asking Clarke about a June 2020 Newsweek opinion piece she wrote about the subject. BIDEN DO...