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A 1979 moord op koue sake was 'n kontrakmoord met bande met die goewerneurskantoor in Tennessee, DA sê

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Die owerhede in Tennessee sê dat hulle die 42-jarige moord op 'n sakeman van Chattanooga opgelos het, noem die koue geval a "kontrakmoord" met bande met die voormalige Tennessee Gov. Ray Blanton se administrasie. Samuel Pett ...

DHS Inspector General reviewing huge no-bid contract with company connected to former Biden official

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A DHS IG official tells Fox News the contract, with the San Antonio-based nonprofit Endeavors, is the subject of an ongoing evaluation to look at how "ICE plans to house migrant families in hotels, and how ICE select...

Montgomery County schools awarded $450,000 contract for ‘anti-racism system audit

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The figure came as part of a trove of public records released on Wednesday by the conservative nonprofit Judicial Watch. One document showed that the school board approved the $ 454,000 award during a meeting on Nov...

Bills pick up Allen, Edmunds 5th-year contract options

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The Bills on Monday exercised the fifth-year options of both players’ contracts and retained the 2018 first-round draft picks through the 2022 seisoen. The move comes at a combined price of about $ 36 miljoen, with A...

GOP lawmaker wants answers on massive border contract that went to nonprofit with ties to ex-Biden adviser

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Axios first reported the contract, which is the largest ever awarded to the nonprofit, Family Endeavors, from the Department of Health and Human Services. The nonprofit also received a grant from the Department of Ho...

Patriots terminate Julian Edelman’s contract following failed physical

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Wide receiver Julian Edelman, a former Super Bowl MVP, had his contract terminated by the Patriots after he reportedly failed his physical. Met slegs 21 receptions for 315 yards in 2020, he would have had a $ 6.1 ek ...

At-home Covid-19 test to ramp up production with $231.8 million federal contract

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The Biden administration announced on Monday that the US Department of Defense and US Department of Health and Human Services are working with Australian company Ellume to provide more of its fully at-home Covid-19 ...

Atlético Madrid and Diego Costa agree termination of striker’s contract

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Atlético Madrid and Diego Costa have agreed to an early end of the 32-year-old striker's contract, the Spanish club said on Tuesday. "The striker, who asked to leave the club for personal reasons, signed the termina...