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‘This has been out of control.San Francisco’s chain drug stores have a shoplifting problem

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A brazen daytime shoplifting incident captured on video at a Walgreens in San Francisco on Monday has highlighted what local officials say has become a consistent problem, particularly for chain drug stores in the c...

Politiche democratiche progettate per "controllare"’ impoverita, 'mantenerli indigenti': Rappresentante Kat Cammack

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Cammack, che rappresenta Gainesville, detto "Fox News Primetime" che i repubblicani hanno a lungo ignorato il problema dei senzatetto, anche se è cresciuto a dismisura durante la pandemia di coronavirus in mezzo a blocchi socioeconomici che hi..

Country Music Television urges viewers to ‘wear orange’ for gun control campaign, upsetting core audience

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"We're (virtually) wearing orange today in support National Gun Violence Awareness Day and to call attention to the more than 100 lives that are lost every day to gun violence," the ViacomCBS-owned entity tweeted Fri...

Jonathan Turley: Second amendment realities – court rulings keep politicians gun control promises in check

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Politicians have run on promises of sweeping gun control legislation that would clearly violate controlling case law under the Second Amendment. After every mass shooting, politicians pledge that they will get guns o...

San Jose shooting prompts Biden, Newsom to renew call for gun control measures

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At least eight people were killed when an employee of the Valley Transportation Authority opened fire early Wednesday morning. The suspected gunman, Samuel Cassidy, took his own life as authorities responded to the s...

Biden admin ‘in damage control’ mode on Wuhan lab questions: Mark Meadows

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MARK PRATI: This is the Biden administration today in damage control for what they actually took was actions against the interests of the American people. When we look at it, they turned a blind eye to China. And w...

Willie, Korie Robertson on gun control after home break-in: People are ‘against them until something happens’

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In an exclusive clip of next week's "At Home With the Robertsons" Facebook Watch episode, Korie revealed that someone tried to break into the couple's home earlier this year. "A lot of people, they can say they're ag...

Ingraham: Schools want ‘complete and total controlwith American taxpayer-funded ‘fiefdoms of radicalism

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INGRAHAM: The obvious question why should we send our tax dollars to schools that end up teaching our kids to hate the country? So by choosing an aggressive secular humanist focus, which is now laced with critical ra...

Brian Mast blasts Nancy Pelosi’s mask mandate as ‘power grab’, Democrats only care about ‘control

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MAST: If it's Pelosi, it's always a power grab. That's the name of the game with her. You asked in an earlier segment, how can they get away with always being wrong? They don't care about if they're right. They only ...

‘I can’t control God,’ says Venus Williams following time violation due to heavy winds

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Venus Williams received some unwanted divine intervention during Monday's defeat to Anna Karolina Schmiedlova, after she was given a time violation while waiting for heavy winds to die down before serving. "If the w...

Dott. Ben Carson: Biden’s inflation crisis – here’s the price we’ll pay if we don’t get spending under control

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In roughly the last decade, the level of federal debt held by the public increased more than 400% – rising from $ 5 trillion in 2008 to nearly $ 22 trillion by the end of 2020. Purtroppo, there are few to no political ...

Wealthy nations once lauded for coronavirus control lag in vaccinations

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In Giappone, South Korea and New Zealand, the vaccination rates are languishing in the single figures. That is in sharp contrast to the U.S., where nearly half of all people have gotten at least one shot, and Britain an...

L'allevatrice del Texas dice di aver insegnato alle figlie come usare le armi da fuoco mentre la crisi al confine diventa "fuori controllo"’

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"Il governo federale deve agire, sia che si tratti di costruire il muro o di rimettere a posto le leggi che c'erano nell'ultima amministrazione perché ciò che sta accadendo ora è fuori controllo," Crisp-Canales ha detto ...

Democratico Del Rio, Sindaco del Texas: L'amministratore di Biden mi dice che il confine è "sotto controllo"’

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Durante un'apparizione su "Volpe & Amici," Bruno Lozano ha reagito al commento di martedì del segretario del DHS Alejandro Mayorkas, ribadendo che il "il confine è chiuso." IL CHIEF MAYORKAS DEL DHS DICE ANCORA CENTINAIA DI BAMBINI MIGRANTI ...

Greg Gutfeld: The Left doesn’t care about free speech, it cares about control

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But really, their judgment to extend the ban was about as shocking as Kat’s inevitable annulment. All Facebook did was kick the can, known as Donald Trump, down the road. It's like when Six Flags tells Chris Christi...

Pete Hegseth rips left for ‘illiberal’ outlook: ‘Control speech. Control words. Control minds.’

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Hegseth: Leftists like Bernie Sanders’ field organizer Kyle Jurek, who last year was caught on tape — in a truth moment — by Project Veritas saying that Trump supporters needed to be re-educated like Nazis after Worl...