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Biden’s attorney general defends controversial Justice Department arguments related to Trump

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Washington Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday defended a series of controversial arguments made by the Justice Department in recent weeks that endorsed legal positions held by former President Donald Trump...

Tituss Burgess reacts to co-star Ellie Kemper’s apology over involvement in controversial pageant

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Tituss Burgess is offering support to his "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" co-star Ellie Kemper in the wake of her controversy. The actor took to his Instagram on Tuesday to re-share Kemper's apology which she posted to ...

Kalifornië se hoof laat val moontlike rede om losgelaat te word voor omstrede gradeplegtigheid

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Ben Nakamura, die voormalige hoof van die Hoërskool Stagg, het Maandag by die gradeplegtigheid 'n omstrede toespraak gelewer - wat nasionale aandag gekry het nadat amptenare hom weggelei het, neem sy sleutels en plaas hom op administrasie ...

Fauci said knowledge from controversial pathogen experiments ‘outweigh the riskof possible pandemic

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In a paper from 2012, Fauci defended the controversial gain-of-function research, saying that the "benefits" gained from the science "outweigh the risk" of an accidental pandemic breaking out. "It is more likely that...

Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s controversial Florida trip subject of IRS complaint

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Conservative advocacy group Michigan Rising Action filed the IRS complaint against Whitmer and alleges the governor's trip to Florida was outside the tax-exempt scope of her transition organization that helped pay fo...

Rashida Tlaib is 'n spesiale gas vir die geleentheid wat deur omstrede aangebied word, na bewering antisemitiese aktivis

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Die onthulling kom kort nadat Tlaib Dinsdag opslae gemaak het deur die president met 'n Detroit-teer te konfronteer en omdat sy herhaaldelik die regering se hantering van die voortslepende krisis tussen Israel kritiseer..

Biden administration decides not to sanction company building controversial Russian gas pipeline

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Washington The Biden administration has decided against sanctioning the company in charge of building Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, despite strongly opposing the project, according to two sources familiar with...

Tennessee governor signs controversial bathroom bill into law

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed a so-called controversial bathroom bill into law Friday, according to the state General Assembly website, prompting criticism from those who say the bill is discriminatory toward trans...

Rand Paul, Fauci again spar over COVID origins, controversial Wuhan lab

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Fauci and Paul have come to verbal blows before over both COVID-19 and related restrictions such as lockdowns and mask-wearing. Op Dinsdag, Paul zeroed in on gain of function research -- which works on making pathoge...

Biden administration says it will enforce federal transgender health care protections, undoing controversial Trump-era reversal

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Washington The Biden administration will work to protect transgender Americans from discrimination in health care, undoing a controversial Trump-era decision to nix federal protections for members of the community, t ...

Oregon Education Department sponsors teacher event with controversial 1619 Project founder

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Scheduled for Friday night, the event is co-sponsored by the ODE and Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators. GOP REPS WARN AGAINST BIDEN ADMIN'S 'DANGEROUS' CRITICAL RACE THEORY PUSH According to the Portland Ass...

Florida House aanvaar 'n omstrede wetsontwerp wat nuwe beperkings sal toevoeg

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Na 'n paar uur se omstrede debat, die Florida-beheerde Florida-huis het sy weergawe van 'n omstrede wetsontwerp deurgevoer wat nuwe beperkings tot die stemproses sou toevoeg. Die rekening, SB 90, het 'n deel deurgegee ...

Schumer disagrees with Tlaib’s controversial call to end policing in the US, calls for Dem legislative reforms

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Schumer was speaking at a news conference where leaders addressed anti-Asian crimes and discussed proposed legislation targeting violent crimes motivated by a belief that a person's race is connected with the spread ...

EPA tells Blackburn that controversial appointee is ‘not requiredto sign ethics pledge

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The EPA wrote back to Blackburn after her letter in February, declining to provide requested materials. In its response, the agency said Garbow is a Special Government Employee, not a political employee, and therefor...

Poynter Institute scolds ’60 Minutes’ for controversial DeSantis report: ‘There was really no there there’

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"There was really no there there," Poynter’s senior media writer Tom Jones wrote. "’60 Minutes’ is the finest and most respected investigative journalism show in the history of television … that doesn’t mean it’s inf...

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