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The Supreme Court’s run out of excuses to avoid controversial issues

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In the aftermath of a divisive election, a riot at the US Capitol and the unprecedented final days of the Trump administration, the Supreme Court kept many controversial issues in a holding pattern of sorts, stickin...

Protests erupt in South Africa over controversial TRESemme ad featuring Black hair

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Johannesburg, South Africa Two advertisements, one showing a black woman's hair labeling it "frizzy and dull," the other showing blonde hair, labeling it, "fine and flat" en "normaal" set off protests at one of South...

UC Berkeley removes the name on a school building over an anthropologist’s controversial past

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The University of California, Berkeley has removed the name on its anthropology building, Kroeber Hall -- named for prominent American anthropologist Alfred Kroeber -- because of his controversial history with Nativ...

Controversial Indian news anchor arrested for allegedly abetting architect’s suicide

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Nieu-Delhi, India One of India's most well-known and controversial news anchors has been arrested for allegedly abetting the suicide of an architect, local police said, in a case that reflects the country's increasing...

Trump’s impeachment lawyers have a history of being involved in controversial legal matters

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Washington The new lawyers who signed on to lead former President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team bring a curious history of experience with them as they prepare to defend the former President in his second S...

Prokureursfirma wat Biden se oorwinning in Pennsylvania probeer keer, laat die omstrede Trump-veldtogsaak agter

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'N Prokureursfirma wat die president se veldtog verteenwoordig in 'n kontroversiële poging om Pennsylvania se gewilde stem vir Joe Biden te keer, verlaat die saak. Die firma, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, twee gehad ...

Following controversial remarks by Tanzania’s president, WHO urges country to stick to science in fight against Covid-19

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The World Health Organization (WIE) is urging officials in Tanzania to follow science in the fight against the coronavirus, after the country's president said the approved vaccines are "gevaarlik" en dit "nie alles nie ...

'N Maatskappy in Brasilië het 'n omstrede stap gedoen om rassisme te beveg. Ander uitvoerende hoofde moet dit probeer

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Arick Wierson is 'n Emmy-bekroonde televisievervaardiger en voormalige senior media-adviseur van Michael Bloomberg, burgemeester van New York. Hy adviseer kliënte oor kommunikasiestrategieë in die Verenigde State, Afrika en Latyn A..

A day after his controversial hire, Jaguars say performance coach Chris Doyle has resigned

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A day after his controversial hire, the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars said Friday that director of sports performance Chris Doyle has resigned from his position. "Chris Doyle came to us this evening to submit his resi...

Indian Muslim student arrested for allegedly trying to convert Hindu woman under controversial ‘love jihad’ wetgewing

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Police in northern India have arrested a Muslim man for allegedly trying to convert a Hindu woman to Islam, under a controversial new law that has sparked widespread outrage and protests. The 21-year-old student was...

Chris Harrison ‘stepping asidefrom ‘The Bachelorafter controversial interview

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"Bachelor" host Chris Harrison said Saturday he is "stepping aside" from the show "for a period of time" after defending a frontrunner on the current season who came under scrutiny for social media photos from her p...

Northwestern distances itself from former lecturer after controversial op-ed urging Jill Biden to drop ‘Dr.’ titel

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Washington Northwestern University is distancing itself from a former lecturer who called on incoming first lady Jill Biden to stop using the "Dr." honorific because she has a doctorate in education, not an MD. Die ...

DeSantis defends controversial vaccine deal with developerand threatens to pull vaccines if officials don’t like it

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Florida's Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has threatened to move a pop-up vaccination clinic that his state has set up in an affluent community in Manatee County after he was confronted with allegations of political fa...

The UK will let some sexually active gay and bisexual men give blood, ending a controversial ban

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London The UK will allow some sexually active gay and bisexual men to donate blood, overturning a ban that originated during the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and has been decried as homophobic for years. Van 2021,...

Why Mary Lincoln is as controversial as ever

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Catherine Clinton is the author of "Mev. Lincoln: A Life" en "Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom." She holds the Denman Chair of American History at the University of Texas in San Antonio and is professor emerita a...

Omstrede advertensie vir make-up vee getrek in China na terugslag oor beweerde slagoffer-verwyt

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'N Omstrede advertensie vir die verwydering van grimeringdoeke is in China van die internet gehaal, nadat dit wydverspreide terugvoering op sosiale media veroorsaak het omdat dit beweer word "gedemoniseer" slagoffers van seksuele aanranding. Die A...

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