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New Jersey Supreme Court vacates murder conviction of mother who was charged in her son’s killing decades after he disappeared

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The murder conviction of a New Jersey mother who was charged in her son's killing 23 years after he vanished has been vacated by a panel of judges, según documentos judiciales. Michelle Lodzinski's murder convictio...

Oklahoma murder conviction tossed after judge found to be having affair with prosecutor

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Robert Hashagen III was convicted in February of murdering 94-year-old Evelyn Goodall in 2013. SARAH JESSICA PARKER, CYNTHIA NIXON AND KRISTIN DAVIS SPEAK OUT ON CHRIS NOTH ALLEGATIONS: ‘DEEPLY SADDENED’ But now tha...

CNN, MSNBC downplay Jussie Smollett conviction, use verdict to bash conservatives

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As Smollett’s story crumbled, he emerged as a prominent symbol of how liberal media organizations often run with their preferred narrative before facts are known. Liberals peddled the false narrative that Smollett wa...

Josh Duggar’s child porn conviction leaves Arkansas locals ‘ecstatic’: ‘He’s belonged in prison a long time

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El primero "19 Niños y contando" star faces up to 20 years in prison and $ 250,000 in fines for each count when he's sentenced sometime in 2022. A federal jury found him guilty on two counts of downloading and poss...

Josh Duggar guilty verdict: Duggar family reacts to conviction in child pornography trial

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Josh was immediately taken into custody Thursday after his guilty verdict. The former reality TV star faces up to 20 years and up to $ 250,000 fines for each count. Josh's cousin Amy King tweeted that "justice has...

Malaysia court upholds guilty verdict for former PM Najib’s 1MDB conviction

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Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaA Malaysian court on Wednesday upheld former Prime Minister Najib Razak's guilty verdict on corruption charges over a multi-billion dollar scandal at state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MD...

Conviction of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers puts new focus on first prosecutor

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Those demanding justice for Ahmaud Arbery want another conviction beyond the three White men found guilty of murdering the 25-year-old Black jogger running in their south Georgia neighborhood in 2020. An hour after...

Juez desocupa 1974 condena por violación después de que Massachusetts no conserva la evidencia, la víctima plantea "serias dudas’ sobre su identificación

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Un juez de Massachusetts dejó vacante a Tyrone Clark 1974 condena por violación después de que el ELA no preservó las pruebas y la víctima en el caso, no solicitado, planteó serias dudas sobre su identificación del def..

Alabama death row inmate is executed nearly 30 years after murder conviction

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Alabama death row inmate Willie B. Smith III was executed Thursday night, the state attorney general's office announced, after the US Supreme Court declining to hear an 11th-hour appeal. Smith was executed by legal...

Oregon Court of Appeals overturns conviction of a Black man who has been on death row for 17 años

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The Oregon Court of Appeals has reversed the aggravated murder conviction of a Black man who has been on death row for 17 años. The court said Jesse Lee Johnson did not receive an adequate defense. Johnson was con...

Navy football coach fired for COVID-19 vaccine refusal: ‘I continue to stand firm in my conviction of faith

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Stutzmann, who served as the offensive assistant coach, confirmed in a lengthy post on social media that he would be leaving the Midshipmen after three seasons after failing to comply with the program's vaccine proto...

3 former Philadelphia detectives are charged with perjury in wrongful rape and murder conviction

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Three former Philadelphia Police Department detectives have been charged with perjury and false swearing stemming from a 1991 rape and murder case, according to a statement released Friday by Philadelphia District A...

Amanda Knox blasts Matt Damon flick ‘Stillwater,’ claims it’s cashing in on her wrongful conviction

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The 34-year-old lamented how her name continues to be associated with a killing she didn’t commit – and is now linked to a film she had no part in making. "Does my name belong to me?" she wrote in a Thursday tweet st...

El acusador de Bill Cosby critica la decepción de la corte’ revocación de la condena

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El acusador de Bill Cosby critica la revocación de la condena `` decepcionante '' de la corte, un acusador de Bill Cosby cuyas acusaciones ayudaron a poner al comediante tras las rejas, junto con sus abogados emitieron un comunicado el miércoles..

Pakistani court overturns death row Christian couple’s blasphemy conviction

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Lahore, PakistanA Pakistani court on Thursday overturned the death sentence of a Christian couple in a blasphemy case, acquitting them for lack of evidence after they had spent seven years on death row, lawyers said....

Why Black Americans are still ‘estrangedby the law after Chauvin’s conviction

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