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Mother Nature cooks up a historic heat wave for Mother’s Day weekend

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A remarkable early-season heat wave, with temperatures typically seen in August, is set to bake much of Texas, the Plains and the Midwest this weekend into early next week. Tanti quanti 120 record high temperatures ac...

Anelli del campionato di debutto dei Milwaukee Bucks, distruggi i Brooklyn Nets mentre Steph Curry cucina LeBron James

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In quello che è stato un giorno importante per i Milwaukee Bucks, non poteva andare meglio per i campioni NBA ora in carica. La squadra ha conquistato il suo primo titolo in 50 anni prima di quest'anno, e il martedì, l'achi...

Paula Deen cooks biscuits and bacon in special episode of ‘At Home

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The celebrity chef traveled to her hometown of Albany, Georgia to her Aunt Peggy’s house to cook a special Mother’s Day meal for her aunt and friend Susan "Bubbles" verde, both of whom Deen said were key supporters o...

'Guerre stellari: The Bad Batchcooks up more animated action for May the 4th

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Prima "Il Mandaloriano" made its debut, animated series carried the "Guerre stellari" banner on TV, keeping hope alive. The franchise returns to those roots with "Guerre stellari: The Bad Batch," a fun if not particularly dist...