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Portland cops quit riot team after officer charged with assault of photographer

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Portland cops quit riot team after officer charged with assault on photographerAll 50 of the Portland Police Bureau's highly trained rapid response unit officers resigned this week after the recent indictment of Offi...

Former NYPD commissioner: Cops across America ‘feel under siegeand unsupported

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"They have over five thousand New York City police officers who have retired or put their papers in, as they call it, to retire in the last year, year-and-a-half. And this is a national phenomenon. En, natuurlik, it...

Kanada haat misdaad bestuurder wat vermoor 4 lede van die Moslem-gesin het hulle oor geloof geteiken: cops

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'N 20-jarige man wat 'n frokkie dra "soos lyfwapens" het Sondagaand van die slagting gevlug, maar is in 'n winkelsentrum ongeveer vier kilometer van die kruising in Londen in hegtenis geneem, Ontario, Speurder-superintendent Paul Wai ...

Greg Gutfeld: Getting rid of activity quotas would stop forcing cops to chase minor violations

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So - you ever write to your congressman or senator? Most of them read at a 6th-grade level, so do it in crayon. But chances are, all you get back are form letters sent out by a staffer. Steeds, I contact my local repr...

San Diego cops killed in wrong-way crash identified as married couple

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The California Highway Patrol responded at about 10:20 am. Friday to a call about a Honda Civic driving north on Interstate 5 against traffic. A call about a crash shortly followed. The errant car crashed into a For...

Amazon slammed for allowing ‘Blue Lives Murder’ apparel on site: ‘Dehumanizing and demoralizingfor cops

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Sutton, the founder and CEO of The Wounded Blue, an organization that provides support to officers injured or disabled in the line of duty, also explained the "real-world consequences" of Amazon selling the "Blue Liv...

Hero cops draw women’s attention after dramatic rescue of Austin man from burning truck

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And a group of women on Instagram is fawning over two hero cops from Austin who went viral after pulling an injured man out of a burning truck in Texas Monday. "Good work," wrote @dawn.weathersbee. "And those two can...

Illinois ‘Battle Buddyprogram sends cops with military background to respond to veterans in crisis

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So instead of sending in social workers, a pioneering Illinois police program designed to aid despondent and suicidal veterans deploys officers who have military backgrounds of their own to 911 calls about vets in cr...

NJ mom calls 911 for injury she sustained while killing son, cops allege

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Elina Gutti, 38, murdered her little boy and left his body in his bedroom early Feb. 6, polisie gesê. She then called cops to her South Bound Brook home around 2:30 vm., whining about "unexplained injuries on her wri...

Minneapolis police leaving force in droves: Former officer says cops feel ‘helpless’

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Former Minneapolis police officer Steve Dykstra, who left the force last summer, said on Tuesday that the city's officers "feel helpless." "This goes back before George Floyd. Since around 2015, I know the city of Mi...

Florida woman, nearly naked, leads cops on high-speed chase in stolen car

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Troopers were alerted around 10 am. Saturday that the stolen 2009 Cadillac sedan was seen traveling on I-75 in Sumter County, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) gesê. WILD FLORIDA POLICE CHASE ENDS WITH 5 JUVENILE SUS...

Chicago cops issue no-confidence vote for Mayor Lori Lightfoot, citing ‘slap in the face

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The vote by the police union, as well as police Superintendent David Brown and First Deputy Eric Carter, was unanimous among as many as 200 active and retired rank-and-file officers, the Chicago Tribune reported. Rea...

Appeals court rules cops should have qualified immunity in violent takedowns

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A federal appeals court on Tuesday granted so-called qualified immunity to Louisiana officers who were accused of forcing an unarmed Black man to the ground and beating him into compliance, a case that experts say e...

Biden, in Polisieweekverklaring, praatjies van 'diepe gevoel van wantroue’ polisiemanne van swart Amerikaners

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Biden se proklamasie ter viering van sowel die polisieweek as die gedenkdag vir die vredesbeamptes, begin deur wetstoepassing te prys vir hul wye verskeidenheid pligte om openbare veiligheid te verseker. DEMOKRAAT CORI BUSH LOF BLM AKTIVIS WIE ...

Massachusetts cops kill man who repeatedly rammed SUV into police station, pointed gun at officers: GEE

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Die verdagte, described as a Caucasian male in his early 20s, drove his vehicle into the closed steel double doors of the Leicester Police station just after 6 vm., Worchester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr...

Dan Bongino fakkels 'linkse logika’ op die polisie: Hulle glo dat stereotipering van cops OK is

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NYC TIMES Vierkantige skiet stuur meisie, 4, TWEE ANDER AAN HOSPITAAL; POLISIESOEK NA VERDAG DAN BONGINO: As u links is - nie noodwendig 'n demokraat nie. Baie demokrate besef dat die polisieding 'n skending is..

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