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Fox Nation’s ‘COPS’ takes on high-speed motorbike pursuit, domestic dispute, narcotics bust

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Georgia’s Richmond County Sheriff’s Office kicked off the episode with a high-speed pursuit of a motorbike without taillights. The biker took off speeding at over 100 mph and attempted to escape multiple cop cars on ...

South Carolina elementary school teacher arrested after student picks marijuana edibles from reward box, policías

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Victoria Farish Weiss, 27, faces possession of a Schedule I drug charge. She turned herself into authorities Friday, the Lexington County Sheriff's Department said. Authorities opened an investigation into the matte...

Mother who lost son to NYC shooting blasts city’s soft-on-crime approach, calls for more cops on streets

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"Before my son Brendan was murdered, gun violence did not affect me," Hendricks stated. "Now that I'm living it, I just don't see and think it is right for any other parent to live this way, to feel this way, to feel...

Seattle residents will ‘pay the priceas unvaccinated cops face termination, says union official

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DAMIEN FERGUSON CHARGED WITH MURDER OF GEORGIA POLICE OFFICER WORKING FIRST SHIFT MIKE SOLAN: This is a numbers game. … Clearly, this is an attempt to get officers to get vaccinated. But unfortunately right now, offi...

Oficial de LAPD, El presidente de la FOP dice que el vitriolo anti-policía de la izquierda es el culpable del descenso en el reclutamiento de policías negros

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Hablando con Bill Hemmer en "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos" viernes, los representantes de las fuerzas del orden - ambos negros - arremetió contra la retórica anti-policía de la izquierda. "El principal problema es que tienes la incapacidad, casi improbabilidad de ...

Revival season of ‘COPSrolls out exclusively on Fox Nation

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The revival Season 33 of reality-TV-favorite "COPS" exclusively rolled out on Fox Nation, viernes. Nación Fox, the streaming service complement to Fox News Channel, announced in September it would inherit the rights t...

Fox Nation teases upcoming ‘COPS’ Temporada 33 debut with free episode

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The free episode, the second installment of the series, features a determined quad driver who attempts to outrun police. Also featured is a deputy who has doubts about a man's professed distrust of banks; and a man w...

Cops and protesters gather at US Capitol for ‘Justice for J6’ rally

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Advocates at the "Justice for J6" rally in Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA., plan to denounce what they call the "inhumane treatment" of dozens of Jan. 6 rioters who remain jailed while awaiting trials that are still months away. Tw ...

Williams: cops know more than they’re saying, warrant may have been issued

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Petito has been missing for almost a month: Su madre, Nicole schmidt, last reported speaking with her daughter on Aug. 25, and the family filed a missing person’s report on Sept. 11. Police named Brian Laundrie, Pe...

Long-running hit series COPS reboot to air exclusively on Fox Nation

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COPS is the recipient of four primetime Emmy nominations. En 1993, it earned the American Television Award for Best Reality-Based Program. Sign up on Fox Nation to watch the reboot this October.Active First Responder...

Progressives want to stop paying cops, start paying criminals ‘not to kill us’: Gowdy

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los "Domingo por la noche en América" host devoted his monologue to the recent push in New York and San Francisco to financially reward young criminal offenders who have refrained from shooting others in what critics call a ...

Stephen Amell cops to ‘shameful’ behavior in flight incident with wife

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"quiero decir, maybe I destroyed my entire life, my entire career? Asi que, creo, ultimately, very ashamed of it, trying to make amends for it, specifically with my wife," he said during an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of...

Mujer llevada por policías sentada desde la reunión de la junta escolar de Texas por negarse a usar máscara, el distrito dice

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La mujer llegó a la reunión de la junta del Distrito Escolar Independiente de Northside en San Antonio con una máscara, pero se la quitó., El portavoz del distrito, Barry Pérez, dijo a Fox News. "El individuo fue preguntado por los funcionarios del distrito..

New York shop owner who called cops on BLM protesters ordered to pay $4.5K

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The judge's ruling stemmed from a lawsuit by state Attorney General Letitia James against David Elmendorf, former owner of Bumpy’s Polar Freeze in Schenectady, sobre 167 miles north of New York City. Under the ruling...

California deputy ‘ambushedin shooting as suspect was ‘lying in wait,’ cops say

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The 27-year old deputy with the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department remained hospitalized in stable condition Wednesday after sustaining superficial injuries to the face and shrapnel to the arm, las autoridades dijeron. Th ...

Ritual for fallen Chicago officer’s sendoff rushed, ex-police superintendent says cops feel ‘under attack

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"The officers here in CPD and probably across the country are… feel under attack by politicians and the public," el dijo "La historia" miércoles. "Most of them feel like they’re not being supported by their leadership....

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