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DOJ charges man who allegedly sprayed chemicals at cops in Capitol riot

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The Justice Department has charged a Texas man who was allegedly caught on video attacking a dozen police officers with a chemical spray during the Capitol insurrection, 裁判所の記録によると. Federal prosecut...

Portland cops quit riot team after officer charged with assault of photographer

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Portland cops quit riot team after officer charged with assault on photographerAll 50 of the Portland Police Bureau's highly trained rapid response unit officers resigned this week after the recent indictment of Offi...

ニューヨークの銃撃で息子を亡くした母親は、街の犯罪に対するソフトアプローチを爆破しました, 路上でより多くの警官を要求する

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"息子のブレンダンが殺される前, 銃による暴力は私に影響を与えませんでした," ヘンドリックスは述べた. "今私はそれを生きています, 私はただ見ていませんし、他の親がこのように生きるのは正しいと思います, このように感じる, 感じる...

New York lawmakers look to ban cops who resign, are fired for misconduct, from being rehired elsewhere

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"Accountability is a must," 州セン. Brian Benjamin, a Democrat who is proposing the bill, told CBS News. Police officers must be held to a higher standard because of their "power and the privilege to enforce the l...

'5’ 少数派地域がより多くの支援を要求している間、警官を非難する左翼活動家を爆破する

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Dozens were shot and some killed in Chicago, 人気のワシントンのナイトライフエリアで銃撃戦が勃発, and a mugger beat an elderly man senseless in New York City. 後者の場合, the NYPD released the video of a m...

Long Island blast being investigated by cops, FBI over concerns it could be prelude to something else

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The Suffolk County Police Department said the explosion occurred on Fox Island, off the coast of West Babylon, 周り 11:40 午前. when a device was detonated. Authorities received nearly three dozen 911 呼び出し, the dep...

フロリダの女性, nearly naked, leads cops on high-speed chase in stolen car

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Troopers were alerted around 10 午前. Saturday that the stolen 2009 Cadillac sedan was seen traveling on I-75 in Sumter County, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) 前記. WILD FLORIDA POLICE CHASE ENDS WITH 5 JUVENILE SUS...

Woman carried by cops while seated from Texas school board meeting for refusing to wear mask, 地区は言う

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The woman arrived at the Northside Independent School District board meeting in San Antonio wearing a mask but took it off, district spokesman Barry Perez told Fox News. "The individual was asked by district officia...

Trump tries to whitewash history by claiming his supporters were ‘hugging and kissingcops during Capitol riot

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Washington Former President Donald Trump on Thursday attempted to whitewash the history of the January 6 Capitol riot by pushing the false suggestion that his supporters were "hugging and kissing" police officers and...

「アメリカのニュースルーム」のジョシュ・ホーリー: 暴力犯罪の急増として、路上でより多くの警官が必要です

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警察組合はメディアを言う, 政治家が公的機関を「ガスライティング」し、防衛運動を支援するジョシュ・ホーリー: それは「警察を払い戻す」運動のためです, ジョー・バイデンが暗黙のうちに承認したもの. 私たちはtについて話しました。.

サウスカロライナ州の小学校の教師が、生徒が報酬ボックスからマリファナの食用食品を選んだ後に逮捕されました, 警官

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ビクトリア・ファリッシュ・ワイス, 27, スケジュールIの薬物使用料の所持に直面している. 彼女は金曜日に自分を権威に変えた, レキシントン郡保安官局は言った. 当局はマットの調査を開始しました。.

‘Public safety crisis barreling toward usas cops leave jobs, former officer warns

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RANDY SUTTON: The area I want to talk about right now is the psychological and the emotional injuries that are taking place, because they are part and parcel of why cops are leaving at record levels. And it isn't jus...

警官はトランプを非難する, Janを刺激し、軽視したとされる共和党員. 6 国会議事堂の攻撃

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彼らは、その日の出来事を調査している下院選考委員会のメンバーに、彼らの責任の根底に到達するように頼んだ。. "私たちの上で発生する犯罪に対処しなければならないのはあなたたちだけです," メトロップ...

Minneapolis police leaving force in droves: Former officer says cops feel ‘helpless’

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Former Minneapolis police officer Steve Dykstra, who left the force last summer, said on Tuesday that the city's officers "feel helpless." "This goes back before George Floyd. Since around 2015, I know the city of Mi...

Stephen Amell cops to ‘shameful’ behavior in flight incident with wife

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"というのは, maybe I destroyed my entire life, my entire career? そう, おもう, 最終的に, very ashamed of it, trying to make amends for it, specifically with my wife," he said during an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of...

California missing mother case gets new update from cops, ‘bringing her home safelyis number one priority

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五月 "マヤ" 国民へ, 39, was last seen at her home in Chula Vista, California on January 7. The city is located in San Diego County, 約 10 miles from the borer. (Maya Millet’s family) "As we near ...

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