鬼ごっこ: 警官

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Revival season of ‘COPSrolls out exclusively on Fox Nation

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The revival Season 33 of reality-TV-favorite "COPS" exclusively rolled out on Fox Nation, 金曜日. フォックスネーション, the streaming service complement to Fox News Channel, announced in September it would inherit the rights t...

「警官’ クリエーターのラングレーがメキシコのオフロードレースで亡くなる

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ラングレーはバハで亡くなりました, メキシコ, 海岸から海岸へのエンセナダ-サンフェリペの土曜日の明らかな心臓発作の 250 オフロードレース, 家族のスポークスウーマン、パム・ゴラムは言った. 彼がいた 78. "警官" 最初の現実のserの1つでした。.

Cops discover an illegal winery operating out of an Alabama town’s sewage plant

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Authorities say they've busted a large illegal winery operating out of a wastewater treatment plant in a small Alabama town. It happened in the town of Rainsville, 周りの家 5,000 people and about 100 miles n...

Trump tries to whitewash history by claiming his supporters were ‘hugging and kissingcops during Capitol riot

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Washington Former President Donald Trump on Thursday attempted to whitewash the history of the January 6 Capitol riot by pushing the false suggestion that his supporters were "hugging and kissing" police officers and...

グラフトン, イリノイシティ当局は、警官に昇給するために給与を没収します

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寄贈者には、グラフトン市長のマイケル・モローと、参加した市の弁護士ウィル・ミラーが含まれます。 "狐 & フレンズファースト" イニシアチブの背後にある彼らの影響力を共有するために金曜日に. 5月に選出される前, 明日は木に走った。.

NYCワクチンの義務: 警官, 消防士や他の労働者は今や締め切りからわずか数時間です

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何千人もの労働者が 5 午後. 金曜日に、COVID-19ワクチンを少なくとも1回接種したことを証明します. 乗船しない人は月曜日から無給休暇に置かれます-シナリオは ...

Woman carried by cops while seated from Texas school board meeting for refusing to wear mask, 地区は言う

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The woman arrived at the Northside Independent School District board meeting in San Antonio wearing a mask but took it off, district spokesman Barry Perez told Fox News. "The individual was asked by district officia...

フロリダの女性, nearly naked, leads cops on high-speed chase in stolen car

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Troopers were alerted around 10 午前. Saturday that the stolen 2009 Cadillac sedan was seen traveling on I-75 in Sumter County, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) 前記. WILD FLORIDA POLICE CHASE ENDS WITH 5 JUVENILE SUS...

その. Tom Cotton blasts Biden over borders, cops and crimeand does push-ups with Chuck Grassleyin Iowa trip

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Sioux Center, Iowa Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas blamed President Joe Biden for porous borders, waning support for police officers and "a crime wave of unprecedented proportions" Tuesday night in Iowa. Cotton joined t...

NY man who rammed MTA vehicle had ‘To Kill’ リスト, told cops, ‘You are going to die today’: 連邦準備制度

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Nicholas Skulstad was arrested Thursday by federal agents and charged with "destruction of a motor vehicle employed in interstate commerce," 当局者は言った. Skulstad was driving his dark-colored Jeep near Ossining, N.。.

‘Public safety crisis barreling toward usas cops leave jobs, former officer warns

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RANDY SUTTON: The area I want to talk about right now is the psychological and the emotional injuries that are taking place, because they are part and parcel of why cops are leaving at record levels. And it isn't jus...

COPS can’t tell you how to live in latest Fox Nation episode

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In the newest episode from Season 33 の "COPS" on Fox Nation, law enforcement officers face situations that could have been avoided by the suspects involved. One woman calls for help after her ex-husband threatened t...

Veteran who was harassed by Antifa over flag: Portland cops in ‘mass exodusover lack of support

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7月に, living only a block away from the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in downtown Portland, which has become an epicenter of violence in the city, Johnson marched into the chaos carrying his American flag. He t...

Sweetでの銃撃で負傷した2人のNYCティーン 16 パーティー: 警官

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16歳の犠牲者は、誰かが周りで発砲したとき、マリナーズハーバーのハーバーロードでのバッシュに参加していました 11 午後, NYPDによると. 10代の1人が胸を撃たれた, そしてもう一方はthで打たれました。.

バイデン, 警察週間の声明で, 「深い不信感の話’ 黒人アメリカ人からの警官に向かって

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警察週間と平和官吏追悼記念日の両方を記念するバイデンの宣言, 公共の安全を確保する上での幅広い義務について法執行機関を称賛することから始まります. 民主党のコリブッシュがBLM活動家を称賛 ...

Long-running hit series COPS reboot to air exclusively on Fox Nation

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COPS is the recipient of four primetime Emmy nominations. に 1993, it earned the American Television Award for Best Reality-Based Program. Sign up on Fox Nation to watch the reboot this October.Active First Responder...

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