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These restaurants made it out of the Great Depression but couldn’t weather coronavirus

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As Thomas Hontalas cleaned out the restaurant he shared with his brother, it was hard to fathom that his 83-year family legacy was coming to an end. "I'm trying to process not having this business I've been working ...

A Connecticut man’s Halloween display features real-life horrors: The coronavirus and Black lives lost

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While Americans decorate their homes with ghosts and goblins this Halloween, a Connecticut man has decided to put up a much scarier scene. Matt Warshauer erected a multipaneled Halloween display in front of his home...

This 5-year-old wrote a book to help kids battle the stress of the coronavirus pandemic

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A 5-year-old from Georgia wrote a book to inspire kids to stay positive during the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. When the Covid-19 pandemic began, preschooler Wade Williams had a lot of questions. But his...

Trump scores a long-awaited coronavirus win with vaccines on the way

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President Donald Trump finally has something legitimate to take credit for in his coronavirus response: A vaccine that appears poised to reach Americans in record time. The federal government poured billions into de...

A snow leopard has tested positive for coronavirus, making it the sixth confirmed animal species

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Another big cat tested positive for coronavirus, this time a snow leopard at a Kentucky zoo. It's the sixth animal species confirmed to have been infected with the virus after human contact The 5-year-old female sn...

Much of US data to catch newest coronavirus variants is several months old

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As part of the hunt for new coronavirus variants, an international database shows the United States ranks 61st in how quickly virus samples are collected from patients, analyzed and then posted online. Countries w...

Illinois gymnast celebrates landing with coronavirus vaccination card

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Illinois finished in fourth at the men’s gymnastics event and it was capped off by Evan Manivong’s performance in the vault category. He got a running start, leaped through the air and stuck the landing. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ F ...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry joining Selena Gomez-led concert to promote coronavirus vaccine awareness

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The anti-poverty organization announced earlier this month it will hold the musical event "VAX Live: The Concert to Reunite the World." Its goal is to enlist corporations and philanthropists to raise $ 22 billion fo...

Over a dozen states report half of adults fully vaccinated against coronavirus

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Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, and New Mexico also boast over 54% of their adults fully vaccinated, while South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nueva York, Maryland, Rhode Island and Hawaii fall betw...

Meadows rips scientistsstatements on coronavirus origins: We are in ‘Biden cover-up mode’

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WAPO COLUMNIST ROASTS MEDIA ON COVID-19 LAB THEORY ABOUT-FACE: ‘ZERO SELF AWARENESS' MARK MEADOWS: Bien, really what we are is in a Biden cover-up mode. They aren’t going to hold China accountable. Martha and Bill, w ...

US Olympic female gymnast tests positive for coronavirus: reporte

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The gymnast was described as an American teenager but was not identified by name, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK reported Monday, citing Olympic officials in Inzai. Los Estados Unidos. Olympic and Paralympic Committee said it w...

China reverses course again on whether it will cooperate with WHO coronavirus origins probe

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The WHO in February said its initial joint report with China into the origins of the pandemic found it "extremely unlikely" the virus came from a lab and advised "future studies." The organization said later in July ...

Coronavirus pandemic and poor training contributed to a 2020 accident at sea that killed 9 US service members investigations say

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The coronavirus pandemic and inadequate training contributed to the amphibious assault vehicle accident off the southern California coast last July that killed eight Marines and one Sailor, the military found follow...

Quedarse despierto hasta tarde el domingo del Super Bowl para ver el juego ha dejado a muchos fanáticos del fútbol necesitando un día para recuperarse.

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"Quedarse despierto hasta tarde el domingo del Super Bowl para ver el juego ha dejado a muchos fanáticos del fútbol necesitando un día para recuperarse., Quedarse despierto hasta tarde el domingo del Super Bowl para ver el juego ha dejado a muchos fanáticos del fútbol necesitando un día para recuperarse.," Quedarse despierto hasta tarde el domingo del Super Bowl para ver el juego ha dejado a muchos fanáticos del fútbol necesitando un día para recuperarse.. Nikolái Petrovski, Nikolái Petrovski.

Only the US has more coronavirus cases than India. But unlike Trump, its leader seems immune from criticism

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India is in crisis. Its economy has crashed, with the largest slump on record decimating millions jobs. Its already fragile healthcare system is buckling under the weight of soaring coronavirus cases. With more than...

Senate Republicans split on the need for coronavirus testing

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Eighty-seven-year-old Sen. Chuck Grassley -- who as the most senior Republican in the chamber is third in the line of succession to the presidency -- will not be tested for coronavirus despite three of his GOP colle...

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