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'Idolo Americano’ judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie give update on Luke Bryan after coronavirus announcement

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Bryan announced on Monday that he tested positive for COVID-19 in a tweet informing fans the illness would prevent him from appearing live at the judges table due to safety concerns for the people around him. While h...

'Hermano mayor’ Temporada 23 La concursante Christie Valdiserri sale del programa después de una prueba positiva de coronavirus

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"No tengo idea como lo conseguí," Valdiserri compartió en un mensaje de video en Instagram el lunes. "Tengo la vacuna, y he estado siguiendo todas las pautas hasta este momento. No tengo absolutamente ningún síntoma, Me siento perfecto...

‘Black Pantherstar Letitia Wright faces backlash for posting video criticizing coronavirus vaccines

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"Pantera negra" star Letitia Wright is facing a social media backlash after sharing concerns and conspiracy theories about Covid-19 vaccines on Twitter. The actress shared a video Thursday on Twitter from a YouTube ...

‘Bridgerton’ Temporada 2 shuts down production a second time after another positive coronavirus test

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Netflix’s steamy hit series, "Bridgerton," was forced to halt production for the second time this week due to a positive COVID-19 test, per Deadline. The series first paused filming for 24 hours on it’s UK set Thursd...

'Bailando con las estrellas’ addresses Cheryl Burke’s coronavirus diagnosis, explains how Season 30 will go on

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The dancing pro, 37, who is fully vaccinated, announced the news on her Instagram Sunday evening in an emotional video ahead of Monday’s night of performances. Due to procedures in place to ensure that the coronaviru...

'Bailando con las estrellas’ contestants Cheryl Burke, Cody Rigsby return after coronavirus quarantines

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The dancing professional, 37, and Peloton instructor, 34, took the stage for the first time since announcing they'd been diagnosed with COVID-19. They were back and healthy again just in time to be part of the two-ni...

'Bailando con las estrellas’ judge Derek Hough sits out this week after possible coronavirus exposure

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Derek Hough is sitting out Monday’s "Bailando con las estrellas," host Tyra Banks announced, over possible exposure to COVID-19 and "out of an abundance of caution." Banks made the announcement Monday evening, though it ...

‘Don’t end up a real ghost,’ South Korean officials warn, fearing a Halloween coronavirus resurgence

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(Reuters)South Korean officials are stepping up efforts to ensure locals stick to social distancing guidelines during Halloween, warning this year's party "could really turn scary" as it tries to avoid another resur...

'Amigos’ star Matthew Perry catches backlash for selling t-shirt promoting coronavirus vaccines

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The 51-year-old actor shared an image of himself sporting the new T-shirt, which borrows from his Chandler Bing character’s catchphrase that reads: "Could I be any more vaccinated?" The T-shirt is one of many articl...

‘Mission: Imposible 7’ halts filming after positive coronavirus test

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A source close to the production told The Hollywood Reporter that filming will be stopped for 14 dias. It is unclear how many people tested positive for coronavirus. "We have temporarily halted production on ‘Mission...

‘Play it down’: Trump admits to concealing the true threat of coronavirus in new Woodward book

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Washington President Donald Trump admitted he knew weeks before the first confirmed US coronavirus death that the virus was dangerous, aerotransportado, highly contagious and "more deadly than even your strenuous flus," y ...

'Sábado noche en directo’ slammed for sketch mocking coronavirus vaccine hesitancy in the Black community

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This week’s episode tapped "Judas and the Black Messiah" actor Daniel Kaluuya as the host, who opened his monologue with a joke about racism in the British royal family. Después, he participated in a sketch that n...

"SNL’ El alumno Jim Breuer cancela espectáculos de stand-up en lugares que requieren vacunación contra el coronavirus

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El comediante anunció en un video de Facebook Live durante el fin de semana que no actuará en ciertos lugares que requieren prueba de vacunación para los asistentes.. "Dos actualizaciones rápidas sobre programas que puede pensar que ...

"SNL’ brings out its own Dr. Fauci to talk about the coronavirus vaccine roll out

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Nueva York (CNN Business)"Sábado noche en directo" kicked off its latest episode with its own Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, who were trying to talk about the coronavirus vaccine while Fauci got hit in the face wi...

"SNL’ tiene el Dr.. Fauci reparte vacunas contra el coronavirus en un programa de juegos

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Nueva York (CNN Business)A medida que comienzan a implementarse más vacunas contra el coronavirus, puede ser difícil saber si es elegible o no, asi que "Sábado noche en directo" traté de ayudar a algunos afortunados el sábado. El programa de variedades de la NBC..

"SNL”s Pete Davidson reflects on coronavirus, show’s low ratingsand Chrissy Teigen

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He talked about his anxiety regarding the coronavirus pandemic - and took shots at accused cyberbully Chrissy Teigen and soon-to-be-divorced Bill Gates. "I was already so anxious before the pandemic my brain didn’t ...

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