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El estado australiano de Queensland podría bloquearse después de que se detecte un grupo de casos de coronavirus

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El tercer estado más poblado de Australia dijo el sábado que podría ordenar un cierre rápido después de un grupo de casos de Covid-19., ya que el país registró un aumento récord de un día en las infecciones diarias. Estado de Queensland, hogar de más t ...

Coronavirus response needs to put freedom first, New York’s Zeldin says

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The congressman – who’s looking to be elected New York’s governor next year -- claimed the Republicans’ trust in people making their own decisions and exploring such possibilities as natural immunity might be a bette...

28-year-old Houston doctor dies after battle with coronavirus, familia dice

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Adeline Fagan, a second year OBGYN resident living in Houston, died early Saturday after a couple months-long battle with Covid-19, her family announced in a post on a GoFundMe page established on her behalf. Fa...

Eli Lilly pauses trial of its monoclonal antibody to treat coronavirus because of illness

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Drugmaker Eli Lilly said Tuesday it is pausing its trial of a combination antibody treatment for coronavirus for safety reasons. Por lo general, clinical trials are paused because a volunteer has suffered a side effect or ...

‘West Wingactor Richard Schiff and wife Sheila Kelley test positive for coronavirus

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Richard Schiff and his wife Sheila Kelley have both tested positive for Covid-19, the actor revealed on Twitter. "On Election Day I tested positive for Covid-19. This has been the most bizarre week of our lives," S...

Canadá, struggling to control a second wave of coronavirus infections, announces billions more in stimulus

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged Tuesday that a second wave of the coronavirus was compromising Canada's economic recovery and pledged more than $ 77 billion more in stimulus. "This will be a si...

5 cosas que debes saber para diciembre 23: Estímulo, perdona, coronavirus, Israel, Walmart

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Obtenga '5 cosas' en su bandeja de entrada Si su día no comienza hasta que esté al tanto de los últimos titulares, luego, permítanos presentarle su nueva solución matutina favorita. Regístrese aquí para recibir el boletín informativo '5 cosas'. El r...

"SNL’ tiene el Dr.. Fauci reparte vacunas contra el coronavirus en un programa de juegos

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Nueva York (CNN Business)A medida que comienzan a implementarse más vacunas contra el coronavirus, puede ser difícil saber si es elegible o no, asi que "Sábado noche en directo" traté de ayudar a algunos afortunados el sábado. El programa de variedades de la NBC..

Did US taxpayers fund research that became the Coronavirus? Lawrence Jones and Steve Hilton react

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LAWRENCE JONES: The media is slowly starting to catch on. Ever since he burst on to the national scene last year, Dr. Anthony Fauci has become one of the most recognizable people in America. He is everywhere. On ever...

Coronavirus can spread more than 6 feet in certain conditions, Los CDC advierten

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In an update posted Friday, the CDC on its page entitled "Scientific Brief: SARS-CoV-2 Transmission" warned of "repeatedly documented" instances of the novel virus spreading through the air to people more than six fe...

Trump tells Dan Bongino he has ‘very little doubtcoronavirus leaked from Wuhan lab

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"It came from the lab," Trump dijo "The Dan Bongino Show" on Fox Nation. "I have very little doubt it came from the lab." Trump was one of the first people to suggest that a lab leak might have been the source of the...

Newsom says California will pay off unpaid rent accrued during coronavirus pandemic

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The move would fulfill a promise to help landlords break even – while giving renters a clean slate, according to reports this week. "California is planning rent forgiveness on a scale never seen before in the United...

China claims US report on coronavirus origins based on ‘concocted lies and distorted facts

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"The relevant report, totally based on the concocted lies and distorted facts without providing any evidence, is not credible or scientific," a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry department said in a statement...

Clay Travis: Fauci ‘100% wrong’ on prediction college football will spike coronavirus

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"Fauci said that COVID was going to feast on college football fans because of the no masks, because of the full stadiums and he’s 100% incorrecto," él dijo. "Fauci was wrong again." According to Travis, coronavirus cases ...

How coronavirus lockdowns may have led to less lightning in 2020

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Researchers have discovered a possible link between the coronavirus pandemic and fewer instances of lightning reported during worldwide shutdowns in the spring of 2020. Global lightning activity decreased nearly 8% ...

Coronavirus is threatening their people but it hasn’t held back these indigenous pageant queens

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As her silver crown shimmered in the sunlight, Shaandiin Parrish loaded car after car in the Navajo Nation's Huerfano chapter area with food and toilet paper. When the coronavirus pandemic halted the nursing home v...

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