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Jesse Watters exposes corruption in Washington: Voters are getting ‘hosed

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JESSE AGUAS: In another speech in Jersey this week, Joe Biden wraps, coughs into his hand, and then starts shaking other people’s hands. Media’s silent. No masks, media dead silent. But make sure you have to mask ...

Alexander Schallenberg sworn in as Austria chancellor after Sebastian Kurz quits amid corruption inquiry

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Alexander Schallenberg was named Austria's new chancellor on Monday after his predecessor, Sebastian Kurz, resigned abruptly amid a corruption scandal. Former foreign minister Schallenberg was sworn in by President ...

Funcionarios camboyanos incluidos en la lista negra por Estados Unidos por presunta corrupción en la base naval

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Estados Unidos intensificó su campaña contra la corrupción en Camboya el miércoles, emitir un aviso a las empresas estadounidenses y poner en la lista negra a dos funcionarios del gobierno acusados ​​de conspirar para obtener ganancias de la construcción..

Los Angeles councilman facing federal corruption charges will ‘step backfrom participating in meetings

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In the letter to the city council, Ridley-Thomas said he plans to fight the "outrageous allegations" made against him and expects to be exonerated. He is not resigning. SAN FRANCISCO ARCHBISHOP HOLDS EXORCISM WHERE ...

Investigación de corrupción en Sudáfrica quiere que Zuma sea encarcelado por dos años después de no presentarse

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Una investigación sudafricana sobre la corrupción durante el tiempo de Jacob Zuma en el poder busca el encarcelamiento del expresidente por dos años., después de que desafió una citación y una orden judicial para comparecer y testificar. En una ap ...

Russian tennis player Yana Sizikova arrested for sports corruption and fraud

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Russian tennis player Yana Sizikova was arrested in Paris on Thursday evening for sports corruption and fraud in an organized group, two French law enforcement sources have told CNN. She was arrested and taken into...

Former head of world athletics Lamine Diack is jailed for corruption

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The former head of athletics' governing body, Lamine Diack, has been sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty on charges of corruption related to the Russian doping scandal, a Paris courthouse annou...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pleads not guilty to corruption charges

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Jerusalem Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told a Jerusalem court he is not guilty of one charge of bribery and three charges of fraud and breach of trust. Monday's appearance was Netanyahu's second in c...

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigns amid corruption scandal

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Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz said he was stepping down from his office Saturday evening, days after his office was raided by Austrian prosecutors investigating him and close team members on suspicion of bribery an...

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley enters Ohio gubernatorial contest with focus on corruption

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Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley announced a bid for Ohio governor on Monday, jumping into a race that could pit her against incumbent Republican Mike DeWine. The Ohio Democrat enters a race that figures to be difficult for ...