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Actress Lili Bernard files lawsuit against Bill Cosby alleging he drugged and raped her

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Actress Lili Bernard filed a lawsuit against Bill Cosby on Thursday, alleging he drugged and raped her in Atlantic City in or around August 1990, según documentos judiciales. In her lawsuit, Bernard alleges that sh...

Bill Cosby thinks R. Kelly ‘got railroaded’ at sex trafficking trial, says spokesperson

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Cosby believes the pervy singer "was screwed" y eso "he wasn’t going to catch a break" during the month-long trial, according to his spokesman, Andrew Wyatt. Wyatt shared Cosby’s thoughts in a Tuesday night interv...

Cosby accuser after his release: ‘It was worth it

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Andrea Constand, the woman whose accusations led to Bill Cosby's indecent assault conviction, said Tuesday she was "really shocked" y "decepcionado" when she heard the news of the disgraced comedian's release, pero...

Bill Cosby accuser Andrea Constand writes about actor’s trial, #MeToo movement in new memoir

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An athlete and spiritual seeker turned massage therapist, she lived a quiet life with her dogs in Toronto until the case burst open again in 2015. She had remained largely anonymous during the initial police investig...

"Amas de casa reales’ star Mary Cosby pleads not guilty to 2 misdemeanor charges

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A rep for the Salt Lake City Justice Court, where Cosby, 48, was charged, told us on Friday that she made her plea on June 28. The minor in question was not named and the "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star is d...

Una investigación de Bill Cosby con Nancy Grace: ¿Cómo el papá de América’ se convirtió en la desgracia de Estados Unidos

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El tribunal más alto del estado había desestimado la condena del actor deshonrado después de encontrar que el fiscal de distrito Kevin Steele, el fiscal que presentó el caso contra Cosby, violó un acuerdo de abstenerse del cap..

Bill Cosby shares birthday message to his supporters following vigil protesting his prison release

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Cosby’s 2018 sexual assault conviction was overturned by Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court last week after it found that an agreement with a previous prosecutor prevented him from being charged in the case. The disgraced ...

Bill Cosby filing to recoup ‘hundreds of thousands’ of dollars for wrongful incarceration, publicist says

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La semana pasada, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw out the 83-year-old actor’s conviction after finding that District Attorney Kevin Steele, el fiscal que presentó el caso contra Cosby, violated an agreement to no...

Bill Cosby slams Howard University, defends Phylicia Rashad amid public admonishment: reporte

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The historically Black university in Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA. said Rashad’s controversial Twitter comment, que leyó, "’FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted- a miscarriage of justice is corrected!"’ was a stance th...

Bill Cosby eyeing return to comedy after prison release, spokesman says: ‘He wants to return to the stage

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The 83-year-old "Cosby Show" actor, once known as "America's Dad," spent his first night out of prison doing "comedy routines," his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt exclusively revealed to Fox News. Wyatt also told Fox News...

Bill Cosby denies ‘non-consensual sexual contactand drugging women after prison release

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The disgraced actor, 83, denied both "non-consensual" sex and "drugging" women in a series of tweets and blamed the media "pushing" that rhetoric. "In response to the rhetoric that the media keeps pushing, Bill Cosby...

Janice Dickinson’s message to Bill Cosby following his prison release: ‘You know what you did

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The former model, 66, accused the actor/comedian, 83, of raping her in 1982 and testified against him in court. "yo diría, don't be so happy with yourself, buddy, because you know what you did to me," she told En...

Howard University students want Phylicia Rashad fired after her Bill Cosby support

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The actress was met with swift criticism after backtracking an earlier statement in which she celebrated the shocking news that her longtime TV husband Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction had been overturned by Penns...

Bill Cosby supporter Phylicia Rashad called out by ‘Fresh Princestar Janet Hubert over celebratory tweet

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El miércoles, when Cosby's criminal conviction was overturned and he was released from prison, Rashad took to Twitter to celebrate her former "Cosby Show" co-star's freedom. It wasn't long before she drew public ire ...

Bruce Castor explains 2004 ‘decisionnot to prosecute Bill Cosby on sexual assault charges

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El miércoles, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw out the 83-year-old disgraced actor’s conviction for sexual assault after finding that District Attorney Kevin Steele, the prosecutor who brought the case against Co...

Jonathan Turley: Court frees Cosby – here’s what happens next if he sues for wrongful prosecution

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The opinion correctly found that the trial judge and prosecutors denied Cosby a fair trial and due process in 2018. The question now is whether Cosby might seek damages for his conviction and incarceration. In their ...

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