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As water runs short in California, commission will vote on whether to allow another costly desalination plant

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Los Angeles As California battles a historic drought and a water crisis looms, the state's coastline protection agency is poised to vote Thursday on whether it will allow a $ 1.4 billion desalination plant in Huntin...

Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger on Chase Claypool’s costly celebration: ‘That’s the coach’s job, nie myne nie’

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Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger connected with Claypool, who converted a fourth-and-one catch at the 34-yard-line, maar, with just 37 seconds left on the clock, he took time to celebrate the play instead of rushing the...

Atlantiese orkaanseisoen eindig as duurder as die rekordbrekende een in 2020

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Die 2021 Atlantiese orkaanseisoen, net soos die 2020 seisoen, was een vir die rekordboeke -- maar om verskillende redes. Die grootste ooreenkoms was die groot aantal genoemde storms. Die 2021 season became only the ...

Titans’ Mike Vrabel slams Julio Jones for costly penalty: ‘Doing dumb sthat hurts the team

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Vrabel lashed out on the former All-Pro wideout on Monday. Jones was called for a personal foul in the first quarter. He was flagged for unnecessary roughness after he swung at Cardinals cornerback Byron Murphy. KLIK...

Sy. Katoen: Biden, Schumer trying to ‘ram’ costly infrastructure bill through Senate

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Seventeen Republicans voted with 50 Democrats to allow debate to proceed on the proposal, which some in the GOP oppose because it could pave the way for a separate Democrat spending bill that is expected to cost much...

Biden’s low-energy speech pushes costly agenda but doesn’t change the conversation

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Wel, as his speech to Congress underscored, he’s made up for lost time. Biden’s point at the traditional media luncheon, before he went off the record, was that he was responding to the Covid emergency on the fly. B..

Rays benefit from costly Biggio error, beat Blue Jays 5-3

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Jordan Romano (1-1), reinstated from the 10-day injured list before the game, walked Brandon Lowe and Mike Brosseau to start the eighth. Manuel Margot hit a grounder that got past Biggio for an error, allowing Lowe t...

Pentagon could open itself to costly litigation from contractors if US pulls out Afghanistan this year

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Despite the signing of the Doha agreement last February that called for a full drawdown of US troops and personnel from Afghanistan by May 1, the Department of Defense issued nearly a billion dollars in contracts to...