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‘Everyone is welcome’: New Year’s parade with checkered past of offensive costumes returns with an inclusive message

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New York America's oldest folk parade returns Sunday after coronavirus shut down the New Year's Day tradition that has come under scrutiny for racist and other offensive costumes worn by some participants throughout ...

Mystery gift givers in strange costumes caught on home security cameras

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Everyone knows that Santa stops by on Christmas to deliver presents. Tipies, he comes down through the chimney and leaves without being spotted. A mystery secret Santa has been caught on CCTV leaving can...

‘Squid Game’ Halloween costumes banned by New York elementary schools

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Mott Road, Enders Road and Fayetteville elementary schools -- which are all part of New York’s Fayetteville-Manlius School District -- have all banned costumes related to the Korean horror series for Halloween. Dit ...

Halloween-obsessed family shows off their elaborate costumes

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For the last six years, die St.. Laurent family, from Indianapolis, has been dressing up in elaborate, handmade costumes, volgens SWNS. Their costumes have included the Addams Family, characters from the film "B..

'Squid Game’ Halloween costumes are topping internet searches

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It looks like outfits inspired by Netflix's "Squid Game" are sure to make an appearance at Halloween parties everywhere. Searches for "Squid Game costume" are outnumbering searches for other film and TV character c...

‘Die gemaskerde sanger’ teases wild season 6 with new behind-the-scenes video, costumes

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The popular singing competition show's sixth season is set to premiere on FOX on Sept. 22 by 8 nm. Eastern. In a behind-the-scenes featuring panelist Robin Thicke obtained by Fox 5 New York, fans got a glimpse at al...

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom geniet 'n rumoerige partytjie in goof kostuums tydens aand uit in Italië

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Die bekende egpaar is onlangs gesien waar hulle tyd saam met vriende geniet by 'n rumoerige partytjie in Capri, Italië. Hulle het 'n aand by die Taverna Anema e Core Nightclub op die Italiaanse eiland geniet. Tydens die uitstappie, Perry, 36, ...

Harley Quinn, Fortnite, en, ja, Baby Yoga, are the Halloween costumes people are searching for on Google this year

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Halloween is fast approaching, and while it will be different this year due to the pandemic, that doesn't mean people won't be decorating their homes and dressing up. Google has compiled a ranking of the top Hallow...