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Trump just couldn’t say it. Steeds, he said so much.

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Washington President Donald Trump likes to make the false assertion that, perhaps save for Abraham Lincoln, "nobody has ever done for the Black community" what Trump has done. But what he said -- or rather, what he d...

When these parents couldn’t find children’s books with strong Black characters, they created a pop-up store to sell them

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A family in North Carolina created a pop-up store that sells children's books featuring main characters who are Black to counter the lack of diversity in literature. The idea was born in 2019 when 8-year-old Langsto...

These restaurants made it out of the Great Depression but couldn’t weather coronavirus

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As Thomas Hontalas cleaned out the restaurant he shared with his brother, it was hard to fathom that his 83-year family legacy was coming to an end. "I'm trying to process not having this business I've been working ...

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