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Biden’s pick for UN ambassador to call for re-engagement with UN to counter Chinese influence

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Washington President Joe Biden's nominee for US ambassador to the United Nations plans to voice her support for the country's re-engagement in the multilateral institution in order to counter Chinese influence during...

This teaser trailer for ‘The Snoopy Showis the counter programming you need today

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Now this is something worth Snoopy dancing over. Op Vrydag -- which marked exactly 70 years since the first Peanuts strip was published -- Apple TV+ revealed the teaser trailer for "The Snoopy Show," a new series ...

US intelligence agencies have ‘not sufficiently adaptedto counter China, congressional report warns

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The US intelligence community must urgently refocus its efforts and resources towards addressing the threat posed by China, a glaring need that has only become more apparent due to Beijing's actions during the coron...