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‘Real Housewives of Orange Countylosing major cast members

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The reality TV series is losing cast members Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Elizabeth Lyn-Vargas but former "RHOC" star Heather Dubrow will be returning, Fox News kan bevestig. Dubrow left the franchise in 2...

Loudon County begin anti-kritiese rasteorie saamtrek

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"CRT poog om die realiteit dat ons almal uniek en kosbaar in God se oë is, te verminder," Melody Clarke, 'n geleentheidsorganiseerder en streekskoördineerder vir Heritage Action for America, het Fox News Vrydag gesê. "Ons individu ...

Loudoun County-onderwyser doen 'n beroep op opvoeders om kritieke rasse teorie teë te gaan: U leer ons toekomstige leiers

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"Ouers, hoe langer u wag en nie u kind se skole verantwoordbaar is nie, gee hierdie ouens meer tyd om te bepaal wat die beste is vir u kind se liggaam, verstandelike, en emosionele gesondheid," sy het gese, beduie na die ...

Amptenaar van Virginia steun die skoolraad oor Critical Race Theory, noem opposisie 'rassisme ontwikkel'

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In 'n brief aan die skoolraad - waarvan Fox News 'n eksemplaar gekry het - smee Juli Briskman, toesighouer van Loudoun County, die distrik se "lae vlak van rasbewussyn" en beskryf weerstand teen die CRT-kurrikulum..

Shrieking peacocks roam the streets in LA County, damaging vehicles. Now officials want to ban residents from feeding them

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For over a century, these brightly colored birds have roamed the streets of Los Angeles County. But after reports of peacocks causing sleepless nights and damaged property, the Los Angeles County Board of Superviso...

Oor 440 LA County deputies have left this year, as sheriff calls violence, homelessness ‘existential threats

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The LASD's highest-ranking official is asking county executives to allow his department to hire hundreds more deputies to address critical issues, such as violent crime and homelessness. This comes as newly obtained ...

LA County DA Gascón’s progressive policies draw ‘no confidencevotes from 17 stede

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Gascon, elected last November after arriving from San Francisco, has faced backlash for his stances on trying to end the death penalty in the county, removing special circumstance charges that can lengthen murder sen...

Georgia governor suspends county sheriff indicted on federal civil rights charges

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A Georgia county sheriff has been suspended following a review of his indictment on federal civil rights charges, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp's office announced Wednesday. Kemp suspended Clayton County Sheriff Vic...

This Washington county is the first to ban facial recognition technology, amptenaar sê

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A county in Washington state banned all local government agencies -- including the local sheriff -- from using facial recognition technology. The King County Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to prohibit its adm...

Georgia county urges residents to stop calling 911 over cicadas

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Multiple reports are coming into Union County of "alarms" in the area, Union County Fire/Rescue and EMA said in a Facebook post. CICADAS TAKE OVER THE CAPITOL GROUNDS, 'CICADA, CICADA. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?' "More th...

Adolescent offenders transferred to Monroe County Jail following melee at children’s detention center: verslag doen

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A fight broke out around 11:43 am. between two teens being held at the Monroe County Children's Detention Center in Rush, oor 15 miles southwest of Rochester, owerhede gesê. One of the teens was being detained ...

Another ballot audit set to move ahead in Fulton County, Georgië, as judge rules absentee ballots can be unsealed

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Yet another ballot audit is set to move ahead in Georgia's most populous county after a judge ruled Friday that absentee ballots could be unsealed for parties looking to examine them for evidence of fraud. The revie...

Montgomery County schools awarded $450,000 contract for ‘anti-racism system audit

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The figure came as part of a trove of public records released on Wednesday by the conservative nonprofit Judicial Watch. One document showed that the school board approved the $ 454,000 award during a meeting on Nov...

Washington’s King County to divert $100M in coronavirus rescue money for homeless housing

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"The COVID crisis and the accompanying economic crises have created opportunities to buy places like hotels and also because we have new allies in Washington, D.C.," said King County Executive Dow Constantine at a re...

Mandatory wildfire evacuations are ordered for parts of western Los Angeles County

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Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for the area near Topanga Canyon due to the Palisades Fire, a tweet from the Los Angeles County Fire Department said Saturday night. The area affected, at Topanga State Park i...

LA County supervisor calls on Newsom to end California’s mask mandate

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Kathryn Barger said Los Angeles County has made "tremendous progress" in vaccinating residents and noted the county’s positivity rate is less than 1%, the City News Service of Los Angeles reported. "As we return to ...

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