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Morant, Memphis win a thriller on Curry’s home court again

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He and his supporting cast are defending with energy and doing all of the important little things. Morant made a driving layup with 57.9 seconds left and shined in Stephen Curry’s home building once again, scoring 30...

Texas insta a la corte de apelaciones a mantener la prohibición del aborto mientras se desarrollan los desafíos legales

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El fiscal general de Texas, Ken Paxton, instó a una poderosa corte federal de apelaciones el jueves a permitir que una ley estatal que prohíbe el aborto después de la detección de un latido fetal permanezca en vigor mientras los desafíos legales continúan..

Texas attorney general backs challenge to Harvard’s affirmative action policies at Supreme Court

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that the justices got it wrong in 2016 when they upheld the University of Texas' affirmative action practices, as state officials are now backing a...

Adolescente de Texas afirma que estaba durmiendo cuando supuestamente apuñaló a su hermana gemela hasta la muerte, los registros judiciales dicen

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Benjamin Elliott, 17, ha sido acusado de asesinato por la muerte de su hermana, Meghan Elliott, 17. Le dijo a los oficiales que se despertó en su habitación con un cuchillo en el cuello., ZORRO 26 de Houston informó. Cuando Elliott se dio cuenta ....

House Democrats ask appeals court to review ruling that McGahn doesn’t have to testify

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House Democrats asked a larger panel of judges on a powerful Washington, DC-based appeals court on Tuesday to review whether former White House counsel Donald McGahn must appear before a congressional committee and ...

Trump and GOP lawsuits challenging election flail in court

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The Trump campaign and President Donald Trump peppered Thursday with tweets and news conferences boasting of success in courts as states continue to count ballots, but the legal efforts repeatedly failed to gain tra...

Captain allegedly behind deadly San Diego boat wreck involving illegal immigrants charged in federal court

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Investigators say Antonio Hurtado, un EE. UU.. ciudadano, was piloting the boat. He was arrested on suspicion of bringing in or harboring illegal immigrants and assaulting a U.S. Border Patrol agent, according to the affida...

Texas inmate asks Supreme Court to let his pastor pray and lay hands on him during his execution

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A death row inmate in Texas is asking the Supreme Court to block his scheduled execution Wednesday night because the Texas Department of Criminal Justice will not allow the inmate's pastor to lay hands on him and au...

Supreme Court hears battle over paying NCAA student-athletes

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The Supreme Court will take up a case that could reshape college sports on Wednesday, pitting the NCAA and 11 conferences against a class of student athletes seeking compensation. It comes as college sports raise bi...

New Jersey Supreme Court vacates murder conviction of mother who was charged in her son’s killing decades after he disappeared

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The murder conviction of a New Jersey mother who was charged in her son's killing 23 years after he vanished has been vacated by a panel of judges, según documentos judiciales. Michelle Lodzinski's murder convictio...

9/11 mastermind, 4 other Guantanamo Bay detainees seen smiling during first group court appearance in 500 dias

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The five detainees appeared in court together, smiling and in an apparently jovial mood, por primera vez en 500 days due delays brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Mohammed and his co-defendants are charged w...

AOC is latest Democrat to launch attack on Supreme Court

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While it could be months until the court announces a decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health – which could potentially overturn Roe v. Wade – the New York congresswoman questioned the court's legitimacy due to th...

"Amas de casa reales’ star Jen Shah’s virtual court hearing experiences technical issues after more than 250 people called in

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Reality TV star Jen Shah of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" was unable to participate in her own court arraignment on Wednesday due to technical issues caused by more than 250 people calling in to the virtua...

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to intervene in census fight over undocumented immigrants

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The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to step in and consider a second fight over citizenship and the 2020 census on Tuesday, and to do so on an expedited basis. The appeal concerns President Donald Trum...

Supreme Court rules Alabama may not execute inmate without his pastor present in the chamber

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The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the execution of an Alabama inmate, Willie B. Smith III, who said he wanted his spiritual adviser present in the execution chamber. Alabama had asked the justices to reverse a l...

Jonathan Turley: Supreme Court made ‘powerful statementby unanimously siding with Catholic foster agency

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JONATHAN TURLEY: This is a major decision for religious rights, and it’s also the decision that some of us thought was the most important of those pending cases we’ve been waiting for. What is surprising is it's 9-0....