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Iowa teen ‘covered in bloodadmits to killing parents with knife and axe, la policía dice

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Ethan Orton, 17, told Cedar Rapids police officers he killed his parents when they responded to his home just after 2 a.m Thursday following reports of a suspicious person in the area, el departamento dijo. He was fou...

Sobre 100 birds have been found covered in oil as a result of spills caused by Hurricane Ida

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Dozens of birds have been submerged in oil from spills in Louisiana caused by Hurricane Ida, and wildlife officials expect more will be found. El Departamento de Vida Silvestre y Pesca de Luisiana (LDWF) said in a new...

Patrulla Fronteriza en Texas encuentra 68 inmigrantes ilegales en vagones, algunos cubiertos de "sustancia blanca en polvo"

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Agentes en el sector de Laredo estaban realizando inspecciones de trenes el martes cerca de Bruni descubierto 19 personas dentro de un remolque de transporte de automóviles, NOSOTROS. Protección de Aduanas y Fronteras (CBP) dijo en un comunicado de prensa. El individuo..

Adolescente de California acusado de matar a su madre, herir a papá al apuñalar, encontrado cubierto de sangre, la policía dice

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Oficiales en Fremont, 40 millas al sureste de San Francisco, fueron llamados a una casa justo después 12:30 soy. Viernes para investigar los informes de un posible apuñalamiento, el departamento de policia dijo. Cuando ellos llegaron, encontraron un ...

Molinero: ‘Greatest border disaster in American history’ not being covered with ‘attention it deserves

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STEPHEN MILLER: En otras palabras, if you watch Fox, you'll have a very clear understanding of what's happening on our southern border. But if you, por ejemplo, get your news from any one of the few major newspapers or ...

Meghan McCain blasts media as she announces exit from ‘The View’: ‘We are covered with deep misogyny

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McCain announced Thursday she would be leaving the ABC gabfest after four years on the program, where as the lone conservative voice she often clashed with its liberal majority and angered left-leaning viewers. She w...

Australian region covered in cobwebs as spiders flee floods

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It's an arachnophobe's worst nightmare: towns draped in spider webs. Residents of the Australian region of Gippsland in the state of Victoria were greeted with layers of gossamer cobwebs after the area was hit by se...

Bill Gates’ divorce could expose affairs, inappropriate behavior covered up by NDAs: reporte

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According to a new report from Vanity Fair, an increased spotlight on Bill, 65, may expose inappropriate behavior toward his employees. For many years, the tech pioneer has been plagued by rumors such as being an unp...

Una empresa de dulces de Maryland está cocinando cigarras cubiertas de chocolate

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Una empresa de dulces de Maryland está vendiendo cigarras cubiertas de chocolate para celebrar la aparición de los ruidosos insectos que han pasado los últimos 17 años bajo tierra. Chouquette Chocolates vende las cigarras -- sumergido en...

The Intercept ‘stands by its reportingamid backlash for targeting Gab users, journos who covered BLM riots

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"Over the past several days, wild and unfounded accusations have been hurled at The Intercept. We publish corrections and clarifications when we get something wrong, but none of these attacks have any merit whatsoeve...

The weapons seizure so big it covered the rear deck of a 567-foot US warship

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A joint US Navy and Coast Guard team seized thousands of illicit weapons last week after stopping a small ship in the North Arabian Sea, the Navy said in a statement. The cruiser USS Monterey stopped the stateless d...

Hyundai Santa Cruz compact pickup revealed with clever covered bed

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The automaker has taken the wraps off of the upcoming Alabama-built Santa Cruz compact pickup, which goes on sale this summer. (Hyundai) The unibody-based model is about a foot shorter than most curr...

Customs agents in Cincinnati seized 44 pounds of corn flakes covered in cocaine instead of sugar

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US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) seized a shipment of cereal from South America that was covered in cocaine instead of sugar. CBP officers in Cincinnati, Ohio, intercepted the package on February 13 containing ab...

Burial ground reveals Stone Age people wore clothing covered in elk teeth

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Elk teeth pendants may have been the jewelry of choice for at least one Stone Age group that lived 8,200 hace años que. A Stone Age burial ground on a small Russian island revealed more than 4,300 Eurasian elk teeth pe...

Monica Roberts, a Black trans journalist who covered the killings of trans women before national media did, muere en 58

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Monica Roberts had no predecessor. Before her groundbreaking blog, there were few news sites for Black transgender women like her. And before Monica Roberts, no journalist had painstakingly recorded and reported on...

A man covered his face with tattoos and turned his eyes black. He says it cost him his kindergarten teaching job

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A schoolteacher whose body, face and tongue are covered in tattoos and who has had the whites of his eyes surgically turned black said he was prevented from teaching at a French kindergarten after a parent complained...