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Jamie Metzl: China’s ‘systematic cover-upof COVID origins must be subject of international probe

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POMPEO SLAMS BIDEN FOR FAILING TO HOLD CHINA ACCOUNTABLE FOR COVID COVER-UP: 'WEAKNESS BEGETS RISK' JAMIE METZL: I’m here in the Senate for a bipartisan briefing on COVID origins and next steps and this is the ultima...

Rep. McCaul on House GOP’s bombshell Wuhan lab report: ‘Greatest cover-up in human history

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The committee's ranking Republican, tydens 'n verskyning op "America's Newsroom," laid out a number of key points from the report and asserted that the CCP is likely "very concerned" by its findings. "They were playi...

Murdaugh dubbele moorde: Oorlewende van die noodlottige bootongeluk beweer poging tot toesmeer in Suid-Carolina

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Connor Cook was aan boord van 'n boot wat deur Paul Murdaugh bestuur is toe dit in Februarie naby die Archers Creek Bridge naby Parris Island neergestort het. 2019, die 19-jarige passasier Mallory Beach oorboord te stuur. Sy is dood, another youn...

Lindsey Graham says lab leak theory coverup ‘stinks to high heavens

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LINDSEY GRAHAM: Wel, it matters a lot because you have a limited amount of vaccine so in fact if people who had COVID-19 previously don’t need the vaccine that frees up a lot of shots for people throughout the world...

Hannity: Was Fauci engaged in a ‘scientificcoverup?

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SEAN HANNITY: The malignant government of China must be held accountable. Sippy Cup Joe, your president, doesn't seem too capable of doing anything. A good first step for the Biden administration would be a little s...

McEnany slams media’s Hunter Biden cover-up: ‘They hid the story and influenced the election

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The most recent development was an unearthed photo of then-Vice President Joe Biden attending a 2015 dinner with son Hunter’s alleged business partner from Kazakhstan, despite the president's repeated denials of any ...

Meadows skeur wetenskaplikes’ verklarings oor koronavirus oorsprong: Ons is in 'Biden-toesmeermodus'

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WAPO KOLOMNIS ROASTS MEDIA OP COVID-19 LAB TEORIE OOR DIE GESIG: 'ZERO SELF AWARENESS' MARK MADOWS: Wel, regtig wat ons is, is in 'n Biden-toesmeermodus. Hulle gaan nie China verantwoordelik hou nie. Martha en Bill, w ...

Andrew Brown Jr. skiet: NC sheriff says cover-up accusations ‘completely not true

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Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II said in an exclusive interview that he doesn’t doubt that the body camera footage will be released to the public through the current court system. He also denied accusations ...

Michael Goodwin: Hunter Biden’s laptop – end of media cover-up for president, family would be beautiful thing

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Normally I would have thrown the papers away or stored them by now. But I kept them handy because I knew the day would come when they would be needed again. Friday was that day. JD VANCE: VACCINE PASSPORTS ARE A T...