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Lindsey Graham afferma che l'insabbiamento della teoria delle perdite di laboratorio "puzza fino ai cieli"’

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LINDSEY GRAHAM: Bene, conta molto perché hai una quantità limitata di vaccino, quindi in effetti se le persone che hanno avuto COVID-19 in precedenza non hanno bisogno del vaccino che libera molti colpi per le persone in tutto il mondo...

Hannity: Was Fauci engaged in a ‘scientificcoverup?

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SEAN HANNITY: The malignant government of China must be held accountable. Sippy Cup Joe, your president, doesn't seem too capable of doing anything. A good first step for the Biden administration would be a little s...

McEnany slams media’s Hunter Biden cover-up: ‘They hid the story and influenced the election

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The most recent development was an unearthed photo of then-Vice President Joe Biden attending a 2015 dinner with son Hunter’s alleged business partner from Kazakhstan, despite the president's repeated denials of any ...

Meadows rips scientistsstatements on coronavirus origins: We are in ‘Biden cover-up mode’

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WAPO COLUMNIST ROASTS MEDIA ON COVID-19 LAB THEORY ABOUT-FACE: ‘ZERO SELF AWARENESS' MARK MEADOWS: Bene, really what we are is in a Biden cover-up mode. They aren’t going to hold China accountable. Martha and Bill, w ...

Andrew Brown Jr. tiro: NC sheriff says cover-up accusations ‘completely not true

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Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II said in an exclusive interview that he doesn’t doubt that the body camera footage will be released to the public through the current court system. He also denied accusations ...

Michael Goodwin: Hunter Biden’s laptop – end of media cover-up for president, family would be beautiful thing

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Normally I would have thrown the papers away or stored them by now. But I kept them handy because I knew the day would come when they would be needed again. Friday was that day. JD VANCE: VACCINE PASSPORTS ARE A T...