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‘AladdinBroadway show cancels performance due to Covid-19 one night after official return

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A performance of Disney's "Aladdin" on Broadway was canceled Wednesday -- one night after the show's return to the theater -- because of Covid-19 cases detected in the theater company, show runners said. Es el ...

'Idolo Americano’ alum Casey Goode’s newborn tests positive for Covid-19

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Anterior "idolo Americano" contestant Casey Goode is asking for "good energy" after she said her newborn son, has coronavirus. Goode, a musician who goes by the name Quigley, shared the news on her verified Instagram a...

‘Fake newsabout a Covid-19 vaccine has become a second pandemic, Red Cross chief says

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Covid-19 vaccines are fast approaching, but a second pandemic might impede efforts to recover from the first, according to the president of a global humanitarian aid group. That second pandemic: "fake news" about t...

‘Foolishnot to vaccinate young kids if COVID-19 shots found safe, eficaz, experto dice

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The comments from Dr. Andrew Pavia, chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at University of Utah School of Medicine, adjunct professor of internal medicine, professor of pediatrics at the University o...

"Gutfeld!’ on mainstream media and COVID-19 coverage

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(COMENZAR EL VIDEO CLIP) BRIAN WILLIAMS, MSNBC CHIEF ANCHOR: Ashley, back over to your beat at the White House. You did some fantastic and extensive reporting this weekend on Joe Biden, who he is. His life and his taste. ...

‘Harry Potteractress Jessie Cave says her baby has Covid-19

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"Harry Potter" actress Jessie Cave has told fans her baby boy has contracted Covid-19. Cave, who played Lavender Brown in the film franchise, posted an image on Instagram on Tuesday of her child in a hospital room, ...

‘Harry Potteractress Jessie Cave says her baby is out of hospital after contracting Covid-19

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Londres "Harry Potter" actress Jessie Cave has told fans her baby boy has left hospital after contracting Covid-19. Cave said her newborn had tested positive on Tuesday, sharing an image of him in a hospital bed as th...

‘It’s like having a concussion,’ says Boston CelticsEvan Fournier of lingering Covid-19 side effects

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Boston Celtics wing Evan Fournier has compared the long-term side effects of Covid-19 to a concussion, saying he has "been feeling really weird" weeks after contracting the virus. Fournier was traded from the Orlan...

"SNL’ and Morgan Wallen joke about the show disinviting him for breaking Covid-19 protocols

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Two months after he was booted from "Sábado noche en directo" for partying during the pandemic, Morgan Wallen and SNL made light of his bad judgment in a time-traveling skit on Saturday's episode. Wallen, the country si...

'Reporte especial’ All-Star panel on COVID-19 origins, vacunas

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MIKE EMANUEL, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX:With that, let's bring in our panel. Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen. Mara Liasson, national political correspondent of National Public Radio. And Trey Gowdy, former congressman fr...

‘Tell all your TikTok buddies to get vaccinated’: Fauci finds a new way to fight Covid-19

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Washington There's a new TikTok star, and his name is Dr. Anthony Fauci. "Tell all of your TikTok buddies to get vaccinated," Fauci said this week in a video posted on TikTok by Nia Sioux, the social media and forme...

"Prueba para permanecer": Cómo los niños pueden permanecer en la escuela durante un brote de COVID-19

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Utah fue el primero en la nación en probar el "Prueba para quedarse" protocolo el último año escolar. El objetivo es mantener a los niños con pruebas negativas en la escuela en lugar de enviarlos a casa durante un brote.. Niños en Kearns High School..

'Prácticamente todos’ Hospitalizaciones por COVID-19, muertes en EE. UU. entre no vacunados, La Casa Blanca dice

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A partir de esta semana, los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades) predice que la variante Delta es la cepa COVID-19 dominante en los EE. UU., con el director de la agencia señalando su rápida difusión y un aumento en ...

‘We can’t keep it out’: Two dozen people died of Covid-19 in a Kentucky veterans center as infections in the community surged

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Por lo menos 24 veterans have died of Covid-19 and more than 80 have been infected since an outbreak last month at Kentucky's Thomson-Hood Veterans Center, the state's governor said Friday. Del total 86 infections i...

‘We ran out of space.Amid Covid-19 surge, an Illinois funeral home director says it’s hard keeping up with demand

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The Honquest funeral home in Northern Illinois receives about 30 calls for services a month. En noviembre, the home's numbers nearly doubled. Founder and funeral director Tim Honquest told CNN affiliate WREX the ho...

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