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L'uomo è accusato di omicidio dopo che gli agenti hanno dichiarato di aver ucciso tre colleghi

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Un uomo che secondo le autorità ha ucciso tre dei suoi colleghi con una mazza da baseball e un coltello in Florida sabato è stato accusato di omicidio. Shaun Paul Runyon ha ucciso i suoi colleghi nella casa in affitto che condividevano i...

Indiana auto plant worker kills 2 colleghi di lavoro; nabbed after crashing vehicle, dice la polizia

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The shooting happened during a shift change around 4:15 p.m. in the parking lot of the NHK Seating of America plant in Frankfort, di 45 miles north of Indianapolis. The women killed in the shooting were identified...

Coworkers donate their kidneys to each other’s husband after finding out they were matches during a chat in the bathroom

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When longtime coworkers Tia Wimbush and Susan Ellis passed by each other at work, they would smile politely and say hello, oblivious to the fact that they'd one day team up to save their husbands' lives. Both men we...

The San Jose shooting suspect spoke angrily about co-workers, his ex-wife says. Here’s what else we know about him

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Investigators are working to learn more about the man who shot and killed nine people Wednesday in the latest act of gun violence in the US that has stricken a community. The suspected gunman in the shooting at a Sa...