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Asaltantes’ Derek Carr on team’s struggles: ’20 years of this crap is enough

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The Raiders lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, 32-13, at home on Sunday. Carr was 19-for-27 with 215 passing yards with a touchdown pass and an interception. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Las Vegas R...

Liberalism is a ‘crap bumper stickerwith policies that fail: Dan Bongino

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Y BONGINO: Muchachos, after the Waukesha tragedy, I got to thinking this week about the ongoing threat to our great republic from radical liberalism. I’m starting to wonder: Do they even believe this stuff? Or is liber...

Asaltantes’ Jon Gruden on fights at joint practice with Rams: ‘That’s enough of that crap

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The Raiders and Rams held the joint practices ahead of their preseason matchup over the weekend. But the two days were marred by skirmishes. Según ESPN, the end of practices was started and stopped four times ...

Carville says ‘woke got the crap beat out of itin special congressional election

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And right now the veteran Democratic consultant, who first grabbed national attention as the top strategist on then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton's successful 1992 campaña presidencial, is taking aim at "despertar" in h...

Patriots ‘treat players like crap’, former player says

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After being released by the team, Marsh came out and blasted the organization saying, "they don’t have fun there." He also questioned if he should continue playing football because he "hated it that much." HAGA CLIC AQUÍ...

Ted Cruz destroza a Kamala Harris tras anuncio de viaje a la frontera: Se dieron cuenta 'oh mierda, tenemos que hacer algo’

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KAMALA HARRIS REALIZARÁ EL PRIMER VIAJE A LA FRONTERA MÁS DE 90 DÍAS DESDE SER TAPPED PARA CRISIS PAPEL TED CRUZ: 91 Hace días fue nombrada zar fronteriza a cargo de la crisis fronteriza y demostró un fuerte liderazgo al ....