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Mal prentjies, video wys 'n tornado in die noorde van Colorado

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Die draaier is tot die vroeë aand naby Platteville opgemerk en inwoners het 'n duisternis gevang, voorspellende kolom oor velde en strukture in Weld County. REËN, VLOEDERING DREIG NA DRENKSE GULF KUSSTATE ...

Patriotte’ Jalen Mills still can’t believe he’s playing for Bill Belichick: ‘It’s crazy to me

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Mills, a defensive back, was on the Eagles when they beat Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Patriots in Super Bowl LII. It’s only been a few years since that game and Mills now finds himself playing for Belichick. KLIK ...

‘Ekstreme susters’ Brooke and Bailey defend sharing a bed, onderklere, razors: ‘Not crazy at all

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Brooke, 24, and Baylee, 22, reside in Oklahoma City, Okla. The two make up one of many sets of sisters whose unbreakable bonds are documented in TLC's new series, "Ekstreme susters," which premiered on April 25. For a...

‘Mortal Kombatstar Lewis Tan talks movie’s insane stunts: ‘So many different crazy action scenes

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Die akteur, who plays Cole Young, told Fox News while promoting the film, "There are so many different crazy action scenes in this film... I could go on forever about them." But there was one moment in particular that...

‘Crazy, Not Insaneprobes the minds of serial killers and concludes they’re ‘made, not born

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The media obsession with serial killers receives a welcome infusion of academic analysis and sobriety in "Crazy, Not Inane," an HBO documentary about psychiatrist Dorothy Otnow Lewis and her career-long study of mur...

Our crazy finding suggesting life on Venus

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Sara Seager is a professor of planetary science, physics and aerospace engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The opinions expressed here are her own. Lees meer mening by CNN. Venus is the bright...