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Ex-ABC News boss Ben Sherwood accused of ‘creepy,’ ‘sexually harassing behavior’ at Disney-owned network

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"Goeie more Amerika" producer Kirstyn Crawford filed a lawsuit against former GMA star producer Michael Corn last month, accusing him of sexual harassment and fostering a toxic work environment. Corn denied all wro...

New ‘Stranger Things’ seisoen 4 teaser is Eleven-out-of-ten creepy

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It appears as though Eleven's dark past will have some light shed on it in the upcoming season of "Stranger Things." That is what we can gather, in elk geval, from a new teaser trailer released on Thursday. In a creepy ...

‘Midnight Massdelivers Netflix a creepy horror series that’s a bit too long winded

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As is often the case with such fare, "Midnight Mass" begins as a creepy, provocative horror yarn and finally can't deliver on its promise. Created by "The Haunting of Hill House's" Mike Flanagan, the Netflix series ...

Homeowner finds doll with creepy note hidden behind walls: ‘I hope you have knives

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A new homeowner in the United Kingdom was shocked as he apparently found an old rag doll tucked away inside the walls of his house. While this would normally be an unusual find, the note that accompanied the doll mad...

Die staatstroeper van die beskuldigde van Cuomo het beweer dat dit 'creepy' is’ gedrag, onvanpas raak

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Die soldaat is bevorder tot die persoonlike sekuriteitsdetail van die goewerneur, die staatspolisie se eenheid vir beskermende dienste, 'n jaar voordat sy normaalweg in aanmerking sou kom - nadat die reëls verander is om dit moontlik te maak..

Griezelige versteekte kelder vol groen vloeistof wat in vakansiehuis ontdek is

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A video recently surfaced on TikTok that shows a man claiming his rental house had a cellar located beneath the living room. When he opened the door to the underground room he discovered a dark room full of bright gr...

Biden’s bizarre behavior at press conference causes ‘Creepy Joeto trend on Twitter

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Biden held a press conference at the White House to share his thoughts on the announcement that a bipartisan group of senators came to a tentative deal on an infrastructure bill. Throughout the press conference, die ...