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Steun AOC se kiesers haar oproepe om die polisie te ontgeld omdat gewelddadige misdaad in die distrik toeneem?

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"Ek dink nie dit is 'n goeie idee om die polisie te ontgeld nie," een plaaslike, Daniël, gesê. "Ek dink ons ​​het meer polisie in die area nodig." Nog 'n man, Tom, aan Fox News gesê dat die Demokrate se oproepe om die polisie te ontgeld was "absurd." ...

‘We have a problem’: New ATF director takes agency’s reins as country confronts a rise in violent crime

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The new director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabak, Firearms and Explosives took the agency's helm last month at a time when gun violence and extremism are on the rise, putting him among a handful of top federal off...

Beesverminkings stomp wetstoepassing, boere: 'Die grootste onopgeloste reeks misdaadtogte in die geskiedenis’

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In 2019, cowboys at the Silvies Valley Ranch in eastern Oregon found five bulls mutilated in a remote stretch of forest. "There was no forensic evidence of any kind left at the scene," according to Colby Marshall, v...

Father and son convicted in Ahmaud Arbery killing get life in prison for federal hate crime charges

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Travis McMichael, who killed Arbery with a shotgun after the street chase initiated by his father and joined by a neighbor, was the first of the three defendants to be sentenced on Monday, when he was ordered to spen...

4 dood op verskeie misdaadtonele in die stad Ohio. Die polisie is op soek na 'n man wat waarskynlik gewapen en gevaarlik is

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Vier mense is Vrydag op verskeie plekke in 'n klein dorpie in Ohio net noord van Dayton doodgeskiet, en die polisie soek na 'n man wat moontlik met die skietery verbind word. Stephen Marlow, a "persoon van belang,"...

NYC crime: Police outline ‘Worst of the Worstrepeat offenders – some with more than 95 arrestasies

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Die polisiekantoor in New York (NYPD) released information regarding 10 recidivists whom it identifies as "notable high volume offender." Topping the list is someone who was arrested 101 times – 88 since bail reform ...

10 NYC gang members indicted for year-long crime spree, including shootings and a murder in parts of city

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Ten people from the "Own Every Dollar" (O.E.D.) gang were indicted on Tuesday on a collective 90 criminal counts for their alleged involvement in instances of attempted murder, skietery, a robbery spree and a murder...

Recidivists fuel New York City’s rise in crime, mayor and police officials say

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams and police officials on Wednesday released data showing that the number of people arrested three or more times a year for crimes such as robbery, burglary and grand larceny increased s...

NYC Times Square boks snyer sny verdagte wat aangekla word van haatmisdaad teen Asiatiese vrou; gehad het 30 vorige arrestasies

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Owerhede het Dinsdag onthul dat die 30-jarige Anthony Evans in hegtenis geneem is en aangekla word van 'n haatmisdaad en kriminele besit van 'n wapen in verband met die vasgevang-op-kamera-aanval wat omstreeks 20:00 plaasgevind het..

What George Soros doesn’t understand about crime and true justice

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George Soros took to the Wall Street Journal this week to defend his financial support for "reform prosecutors." He began by asserting that "Americans desperately need a more thoughtful discussion about our response ...

Would we rather due process come before the crime, or after the mass shooting of school children?: Gowdy

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WHAT IS THE SECOND AMENDMENT TREY GOWDY: In the aftermath of murdered schoolchildren in Texas, Congress passed legislation designed in part to explore red flag laws. There was opposition with critics saying the law v...

New York City store locks up Spam in plastic case amid crime spike

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Shoppers, store employees, and social media users expressed disbelief after discovering the $ 3.99 canned meat product out of reach behind lock and key at a Duane Reade inside New York City’s Port Authority bus depo...

Chicago Democrats tight-lipped on plan to address lowest number of arrests in 20 years amid surging crime

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Chicago police made arrests in 12% of crime cases in 2021, the lowest rate since 2001, as sweeping changes have been made in recent years as to how the department patrols the streets, including restricting their vehi...

NYC teen girls arrested on hate crime charges for ‘anti-White assault

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The New York Police Department said that a 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old girl were arrested at 9:20 am. on Tuesday in the confines of the 102nd precinct. They each face two counts of assault while carrying out ...

NYPD officer of 40 jare: I’ve never seen NYC crime as bad as it is right now

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DiGiacomo weighed in on the recent arrest and release of a teenager who was caught on video attacking a police officer in a subway. The suspect was released shortly after on his own recognizance despite his criminal ...

Urban voters hurt by crime will vote for law and order on ‘day of reckoning’: Sy. Paul

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LEE ZELDIN'S RUNNING MATE ALISON ESPOSITO SLAMS ALLEGED ATTACKER'S RELEASE SEN. PAUL: There's going to come a day of reckoning where the people who live in New York City - crime disproportionately affects those in po...

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