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NYPD investigating vandalism of the George Floyd statue in Brooklyn as a hate crime

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New York A statue of George Floyd that was unveiled in New York on Juneteenth by Floyd's brother was vandalized early Thursday morning and police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, a law enforcement offi...

Biden pledge to end cash bail unchanged amid violent crime surge

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Biden is set to detail his administration’s crime prevention strategy in a formal address on Wednesday, as cities across the U.S. battle a surge in crime. He’ll make the address following a meeting with state and loc...

Lauded Spanish female crime writer revealed to be three men

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Spain's literary world has been thrown into chaos after a coveted book prize was awarded to "Carmen Mola" -- an acclaimed female thriller writer who turned out to be the pseudonym of three men. Television scriptwrit...

Police in England and Wales to record misogyny as a hate crime in wake of Sarah Everard murder

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London Police in England and Wales are set to record misogyny as a hate crime on an experimental basis from this autumn, a government minister has said, as the UK faces a reckoning on violence against women. Susan W...

La policía de Atlanta lucha por cubrir puestos vacantes en medio del aumento de delitos violentos

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Un informe sobre sus prácticas de contratación encontró que menos de 2% de los solicitantes de policía fueron contratados durante un período de tres años desde 2017 hasta septiembre del año pasado. El departamento recibió más de 12,120 aplicaciones para po ...

John Oliver criticado por una niña israelí de 10 años por "crimen de guerra"’ comentarios hechos en "Last Week Tonight’

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La niña pequeña, cuyo nombre es Renana y vive en el lado israelí de la frontera de Gaza, habló en un video compartido por el medio de comunicación israelí Walla en Twitter el miércoles. En eso, ella habla directamente con el compañero de 44 años..

New York City violence: 27 people shot as city grapples with subway crime, anti-Semitism: funcionarios

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The New York Police Department (Policía de Nueva York) said there were three shootings on Friday, when four people were struck, including one person who was killed. Shortly before 9:40 pm. viernes, police responding to a 911 call of ...

Rising crime in New York has gripped the mayoral race. Eric Adams says he alone can fix it.

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For the first few months of New York City's Democratic mayoral primary, the campaign seemed to be trundling along in search of a defining issue. Covid-19 numbers were dropping, Democrats in Washington delivered fina...

Baltimore police requesting 100 federal officers to assist in fighting violent crime

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"The ask is for federal agents to come help us," Baltimore police Commissioner Michael Harrison explained this week, according to WBAL-TV. FORMER DETROIT POLICE CHIEF REACTS TO DC CRIME WAVE: 'MALFEASANCE' 'BROKE' T...

North Carolina’s lieutenant governor blasts rising crime, anti-cop sentiment in liberal cities

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Memorial Day weekend crime: Some cities marred with gun violence, bloodshed over holiday

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The warmer-weather months are often notorious for yielding higher crime rates in parts of the country and causing some agencies, such as the New York Police Department, to deploy more officers to high-crime areas. C...

Ex-Special Agent John Douglas decodes most prolific serial killers in true crime anthology ‘Killer Next Door

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Former FBI Special Agent John Douglas decodes the minds of some of the nation’s most dangerous serial killers in Fox Nation’s true crime anthology, "Killer Next Door." Douglas, who was the architect of criminal prof...

Gowdy rips Ilhan Omar blaming police for crippling crime surge as ‘mindless hypocrisy’

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Omar upped her anti-police rhetoric during a town hall last week when she blamed the surging "lawlessness" in Minneapolis on the fact that "the police have chosen to not fulfill their oath of office and to provide th...

‘Justiceon surge in crime, negligence at St. Louis prosecutors’ oficina

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JEANINE PIRRO, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Hola y bienvenido a JUSTICE. Soy la jueza Jeanine Pirro. Thanks so much for being with us tonight.Let's get right to my open.America as we know it is coming to an end. We are watching it i...

Judge vacates death sentences of Pervis Payne, who was to be executed for a crime he says he didn’t commit

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A Tennessee judge this week vacated the death sentences of Pervis Payne, who has spent more than three decades on death row for two murders he says he did not commit, due to the inmate's intellectual disability. Como...

'Tu mundo’ sobre tasas de criminalidad y nuevos mandatos COVID

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NEIL CAVUTO, ANCLA DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Está bien, minutos en la Casa Blanca de Joe Biden y Angela Merkel de Alemania teniendo su última sesión juntos, Si tu quieres. Este es el cuarto U.S. presidente con quien th ...

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