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rappresentante. Jim Banks: Biden finalmente riconosce il picco del crimine violento ma non oserà ammettere i Democratici’ responsabilità

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La Casa Bianca ha finalmente visto che un sondaggio lo ha dimostrato e mercoledì pomeriggio il presidente Biden ha finalmente rotto il silenzio sull'aumento dei tassi di criminalità violenta. Il presidente Biden ha iniziato il suo discorso sottintendendo viole...

Tucker Carlson: Peaceful assembly is suddenly a crime depending upon who you voted for

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They literally call their group, "Shut Down DC." On their website, the extremists describe the violence they plan to commit tomorrow in Washington. They’re planning "disruptive direct action" to end quote, "attività commerciale ...

Chicago man who carjacked SUV with children inside left parole slip at crime scene

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Omar Soto, 28, was also ordered held without bail Monday after a Cook County judge rejected a defense request that he be released with electronic monitoring. He allegedly stole the SUV after a woman went into a Walgr...

Georgia men facing hate crime charges in shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery to stand trial early next year

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Travis McMichael e suo padre, Greg McMichael, così come un vicino, William "Roddie" Bryan, pleaded not guilty in May to federal hate crime charges of interference with civil rights and attempted kidnapping. Tutti e due...

Tammy Bruce strappa i media per aver minimizzato l'ondata di criminalità nelle principali città: 'Questo non è un incidente’

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Grandi città come New York City, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, Filadelfia, e Seattle hanno tutti sperimentato aumenti di omicidi e sparatorie da questo periodo l'anno scorso, le statistiche mostrano. Evidenziando New York City ...

Jesse Watters rebuts Jen Psaki blaming COVID for crime: ‘Has nothing to do with the coronavirus

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"Psaki knows the crime rate in Philly … Homicides have gone up since 2018 every single year. And … the coronavirus started in 2020, so that has nothing to do with the coronavirus," Egli ha detto. When asked by Fox News' Pe...

'Relazione speciale’ All-Star panel on Cuban protests, how Biden’s responding to the rise in crime

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(INIZIA VIDEO CLIP)OFFERTA: We know there are some things that work. And the first of those that works is stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes.ADAMS: We've responded immediately when we saw those ...

'Il tuo mondo’ on the rise in crime, companies requiring COVID-19 vaccines

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Questo è il focus dell'Angolo di stasera, FOX NEWS ANCORA: Grazie, Martha.Two major stories that we are watching for you at this hour, as protests in Cuba ramped up, and President Joe Biden promises a crime crackdown.Joining us this hour, Ri...

De Blasio doubles down on decision not to hire more cops amid crime surge

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When asked about The New York Post’s coverage of his decision not to bring on more police officers after receiving $ 6 billion in federal COVID-19 relief — which President Biden explicitly said could be used for tac...

Suo. Ted Cruz: Dems’ 'Defund la polizia'’ – ecco il loro disperato stratagemma per sfuggire alla colpa dell'aumento dei tassi di criminalità

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Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki about senior adviser to the president Cedric Richmond’s claim that Republicans have defunded the police by not voting to pass Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Psaki defended Ric...

Covid-19 outbreak reported near Laos casino run by alleged crime boss

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Bangkok Authorities in Laos have reported a significant Covid-19 outbreak near the notorious Kings Romans casino, whose Chinese owner is accused by the United States of trafficking people, wildlife and drugs. Officia...

Biden signs crime victims fund replenishment bill

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President Joe Biden celebrated what he called "a day of hope" Thursday before signing the VOCA Fix to Sustain the Crime Victims Fund Act of 2021, a bipartisan bill that aims to provide assistance for crime victims, ...

San Francisco activist says, ‘we’re not going to move, we’re fighting,’ as drugs and crime consume Bay Area

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"I’ve been here 20 something years … I would not leave. We are fighting for this city," said Richie Greenberg, a former Republican candidate for San Francisco mayor. "We’re not going to move, we’re fighting." Greenbe...

AOC lega la scadenza del credito d'imposta sui bambini per entrare nel crimine di New York

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Ocasio-Cortez, AOC lega la scadenza del credito d'imposta sui bambini per entrare nel crimine di New York, AOC lega la scadenza del credito d'imposta sui bambini per entrare nel crimine di New York. AOC lega la scadenza del credito d'imposta sui bambini per entrare nel crimine di New York.

Violento 8 hours leaves 10 shot in Indianapolis, Compreso 3 dead as crime continues surging

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"Hopefully our community wants to work with us even more now than ever … Instances like this, we don’t [want to] continue to see these every day – it has to stop," Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Samon...

Seattle business owner flees city due to high crime, senzatetto: ‘I can’t wait anymore’

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Debe Franz, owner of A Bit of Taste olive oil shop, detto "Volpe & Amici" Thursday that she’s made the decision to move her business out of the Emerald City as violent crime and homeless have grown out of control ...