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Stokes Twins’ los abogados dicen que las estrellas de YouTube no son culpables de ningún delito

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Los abogados de las celebridades de YouTube, los Stokes Twins, dicen que sus clientes, acusado de encarcelamiento falso y golpe en el condado de Orange, California, son inocentes. Alan y Alex Stokes fueron acusados ​​en agosto en conexión..

Arrests of criminal migrants, including convictions for sex, drug and homicide crimes, up in FY 2021

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According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) datos, ha habido 6,918 arrests of "criminal noncitizens" by Border Patrol in FY 2021 up until the end of May, with four months still to be recorded. Año fiscal 2021 runs ...

Manhattan district attorney announces he won’t prosecute certain crimes

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Just days after taking office, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg released a memo detailing new charging, fianza, plea and sentencing policies that he said he believes will make the city safer and the criminal ju...

Mariupol deputy mayor says residents suffering from Russian ‘war crimes, genocide

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MARIUPOL RESIDENTS ‘STARVING’ AS RUSSIAN OCCUPATION CONTINUES: 'THINGS ARE BAD FOR MY FAMILY' Mariupol Deputy Mayor Sergei Orlov joined "zorro & Amigos primero" Thursday to discuss what life is like on the ground in...

Los crímenes de odio asiáticos en Nueva York se dispararon en marzo; los asesinatos saltaron 36%, la policía dice

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Los crímenes de odio contra los estadounidenses de origen asiático se dispararon el mes pasado, con 31 delitos de odio denunciados en marzo 2021, y ninguno inició sesión el mismo mes en 2020, el Departamento de Policía de Nueva York (Policía de Nueva York) dijo el martes. La Gran Manzana también..

California church leader, estate lawyer sentenced for sex crimes against children

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"I took advantage of the trust you had in me and manipulated and abused it in the worse way, I am so sorry for what I have done to you and your families," Steven Matlak, 44, said to the families of his victims. "usted ...

Aquí están 10 times legal gun owners recently thwarted crimes in life-threatening situations

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The Wisconsin Senate sent two bills to Gov. Tony Evers' office on Tuesday that would make it easier for a person to carry concealed firearms in the state, such as allowing permitted individuals to have a gun on schoo...

Ilhan Omar says US must join International Criminal Court before it can hold Putin accountable for war crimes

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The Minnesota Congresswoman, who fled her home country to escape the Somali Civil War when she was 8 años, introduced bills last week that would also codify the State Department’s Office of Global Criminal Justi...

Anti-Asian hate crimes surged in early 2021, estudio dice

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Reported hate crimes against Asians in 16 of the nation's largest cities and counties are up 164% since this time last year, according to a new study from the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at Cal State ...

Giuliani associate convicted of campaign finance crimes

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The verdict was returned in Manhattan federal court, where Lev Parnas was on trial for more than two weeks as prosecutors accused him of using other people’s money to pose as a powerful political broker and cozy up t...

State Dept says it is reviewing ‘very crediblereports of Russian war crimes in Ukraine

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"The fact is that we've seen very credible reports of deliberate attacks on civilians, which would, under the Geneva Conventions, constitute a war crime," Departamento de Estado. spokesperson Ned Price said during a Thursday pre...

Michigan man charged with hate crimes after he allegedly attacked a group of Black teenagers and called them the N-word

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A Michigan man is facing both a state and federal hate crime charge, after allegedly approaching a group of three Black teenagers at a state park and knocking one in the face with a bike lock. The Black teen,quién es ...

San Francisco officer on rampant crimes: ‘Chaos reigns supreme

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McCray made these comments after a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco was hit by shoplifters who fled with merchandise. Citing witnesses, the outlet said display cases were smashed and items were lifted from racks inside...

Manhattan’s DA ‘reimaginescrimes but even social justice warriors will tire of being victimized

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La semana pasada, the newly-minted D.A., who made history as the first African American elected to the post, issued a 10-page memorandum to his staff that essentially dismantles the penal code in New York. ERIC ADAMS' NYPD ...

Bodies of ‘executed peoplestrewn across street in Bucha as Ukraine accuses Russia of war crimes

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Warning: This story contains disturbing images. Lviv, Ukraine The lifeless bodies of at least 20 civilian men line a single street in the town of Bucha near the Ukrainian capital. Some lie face down on the pavement ...

Serial killer Joel Rifkin ‘never expressed any remorsefor his crimes, spoke of his killings calmly: Doc

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After exchanging letters, the former cop, who served the NYPD from 1983 Hasta que 2003 when he retired with the rank of Detective Second Grade, decided to visit Rifkin at Attica Correctional Facility. Their recorded con...

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