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NYPD investigating 3 weekend incidents in Brooklyn as possible hate crimes

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Officers with the New York City Police Department's hate crimes unit are investigating three incidents in Brooklyn over the weekend that have drawn the attention of Mayor Eric Adams. Two Jewish men were assaulted on...

Pentagon’s Kirby pressed on Russian involvement in Iran deal talks, says ‘clear evidenceof Putin war crimes

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VETERANS GROUP IS RESCUING UKRAINE'S ORPHANS AS RUSSIAN CONFLICT INTENSIFIES; ‘IT’S AN HONOR,' LEADER SAYS Spokesperson John Kirby was pressed on Russia's involvement in the talks during "zorro & Amigos" on Tuesda...

Reps. Issa: California law enforcement has been unable to address petty crimes for several years

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SAN FRANCISCO MAYOR ANNOUNCES CRIME-FIGHTING PROPOSALS, PROMISES MORE POLICE DARRELL ISSA: Ahora mismo, law enforcement in California for several years has been unable to arrest people for what’s being called petty cri...

Aquí están 10 times legal gun owners recently thwarted crimes in life-threatening situations

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The Wisconsin Senate sent two bills to Gov. Tony Evers' office on Tuesday that would make it easier for a person to carry concealed firearms in the state, such as allowing permitted individuals to have a gun on schoo...

Biden calls for war crimes trial after Bucha images surface

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President Joe Biden on Monday called the atrocities allegedly committed by Russian forces in Bucha, ¿Cuánto tiempo hasta que la tiranía al estilo canadiense llegue a Estados Unidos?, a "war crime" and called for a trial to take place against Russian President Vladimir Putin. The US Presid...

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin sued for turning back on Asian attack victim as anti-AAPI hate crimes soar 567%

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Anh Lê’s lawsuit against Boudin was filed just one day before the San Francisco Police Department announced an astonishing 567% increase in hate crimes against Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) individuos. ...

Ghislaine Maxwell at pretrial hearing: ‘I have not committed any crimes

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Ghislaine Maxwell has not requested a plea deal, and prosecutors have not issued any plea offerings to the former Jeffrey Epstein associate in her sex trafficking case, federal prosecutor Alison Moe told a New York ...

The fall of Mariupol could conceal war crimes evidence from the world and give Russia’s offensive a boost

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After almost three months of intense bombardment, thousands of reported deaths and countless tales of horror and starvation, the battle for the city of Mariupol is nearing its conclusion. Ukraine's military announc...

Florida prosecutor’s crackdown on repeat offenders leads to drop in violent crimes as Dem city crime soars

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"En 2021, Jacksonville’s murders were down 30% and overall shootings down 17% from the year prior, de acuerdo a [Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office] data for non-domestic shooting incidents," David Chapman, a spokesperson...

UN ends Yemen war crimes probe in defeat for Western states

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Bahrain, Russia and other members of the UN Human Rights Council pushed through a vote on Thursday to shut down the body's war crimes investigations in Yemen, in a stinging defeat for Western states who sought to kee...

Stokes Twins’ los abogados dicen que las estrellas de YouTube no son culpables de ningún delito

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Los abogados de las celebridades de YouTube, los Stokes Twins, dicen que sus clientes, acusado de encarcelamiento falso y golpe en el condado de Orange, California, son inocentes. Alan y Alex Stokes fueron acusados ​​en agosto en conexión..

Bongino ataca la eliminación de policías vestidos de civil: "Los delincuentes no cometen delitos frente a agentes uniformados’

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EL PROPIETARIO DE UN CONCESIONARIO DE COCHES DE CHICAGO EXPLICA EL PIE LIGERO DE LORI DESPUÉS DEL ROBO DIURNO DE BRASINO: ESTAMOS EN UN 'PUNTO DE HERVIDOR' DAN BONGINO: ¿Sabes por qué funciona la vigilancia policial contra el crimen y de civil?? La audiencia de Fox News lo hace bien..

Johnson: Putin’s ‘war crimescause concern over Ukraine’s biolab

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Discussing the topic with Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., the lawmaker pointed to testimony from Biden Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland about the risks from the Ukrainian biolab, and said Russi...

Why Josh Hawley wants to be the only ‘no’ votar — even on a hate crimes bill

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El jueves, 94 senators voted to pass legislation denouncing the recent wave of hate crimes directed at Asian Americans and creating a new position at the Justice Department to expedite those sorts of cases in the ...

Ciertos tipos de peces están cambiando de nombre a raíz de los delitos de odio contra los asiáticos

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A través del país, los nombres de las aves, polillas, y los sitios geográficos están cambiando a medida que los estadounidenses reconsideran los estereotipos obsoletos y las connotaciones racistas que pueden tener algunos de estos nombres. Los nombres de algunos v ...

WSJ: Trump Organization expected to be charged with tax crimes on Thursday

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The Manhattan district attorney's office is expected to charge former President Donald Trump's namesake company and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, as soon as Thursday with tax crimes in connection w...

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