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Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy arrested, charged with criminal tampering, sê owerhede

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Jeudy, 23, is being held at the Arapahoe County jail on misdemeanor charges of 2nd-degree criminal tampering with a domestic violence enhancer, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's office. He is being held with...

Woman who accused celebrity chef Mario Batali of groping her testifies in criminal trial

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A woman who says she was sexually assaulted by celebrity chef Mario Batali took the stand Monday on the first day of his criminal trial in Boston, testifying that he groped her during an impromptu selfie session in ...

Rapper Young Thug arrested in Atlanta on criminal street gang activity charges

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They arrested him as part of a 56-count grand jury indictment in Georgia impacting 28 members of the Young Stoner Life Records label, which Young Thug founded, WSB-TV reported. Young Thug, a 30-year-old Atlanta-based...

Houston police bodycam shows deadly confrontation with armed suspect tied to organized criminal activity

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Police officers were dispatched to 729 West Mount Houston Road at about 5:45 nm. op April 9 after receiving information that a male suspect was trespassing, and known to carry firearms. INDIANA MAN ACCUSED OF KILLIN...

Psaki greenlighted criminal protesters at conservative Supreme Court justices’ huise: Kayleigh McEnany

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GOEIE VELD: There's a filter of evil that the woke operates on. When they disagree with you, it's not that you're wrong, it's that you're evil. And that excuses all of their behavior. So if you're against them, then the...

Durham prosecutors detail criminal probe into tech executive who worked on Trump-Russia back channel claims

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Washington Special counsel John Durham has an active and ongoing criminal probe into a tech executive who worked with a Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign lawyer to share claims of a cyber back channel between Donald Trum...

White Democrats ‘not listeningto Black Americans, ‘have become the hero of the criminal’: Lawrence Jones

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LAWRENCE JONES: Are we disposable? Do our lives not matter? Crime is up all across the country. People from all backgrounds are dying, but I can't help but recognize the alarming number of Black people, spesifiek ...

Freshly convicted sex criminal Cuba Gooding Jr. to host strip club party

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It sounds like the dancers at Sapphire need to get themselves some barbed-wire jewelry and have their pasties custom-fitted with mace. Because Page Six hears that the strip club has hired Cuba Gooding Jr. — yes, die ...

Border Brothers gang member with ‘extensive’ criminal, immigration history arrested in California mountains

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Agents assigned to the El Centro Sector arrested the individual in the Jacumba Wilderness Region, which is located in southcentral California.

Ilhan Omar says US must join International Criminal Court before it can hold Putin accountable for war crimes

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The Minnesota Congresswoman, who fled her home country to escape the Somali Civil War when she was 8 jaar oud, introduced bills last week that would also codify the State Department’s Office of Global Criminal Justi...

Melugin investigates the effects of LA district attorney’s ‘criminal friendly’ beleid

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BILL MELUGIN: All of my best sources in all of LA are deputy DAs within the DA's office. Dozens of them. I typically know what happens in that office before the ink dries on something because people are so pissed off...

3 Country-ster Kelsea Ballerini sal steeds die CMT Music Awards aanbied, selfs nadat sy positief getoets het vir Covid-19

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Country-ster Kelsea Ballerini sal steeds die CMT Music Awards aanbied, selfs nadat sy positief getoets het vir Covid-19. Country-ster Kelsea Ballerini sal steeds die CMT Music Awards aanbied, selfs nadat sy positief getoets het vir Covid-19.

Border Patrol arrests migrants in Texas with criminal records, moord ingesluit, verkragting

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The most recent encounter between migrants and agents with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Rio Grande Valley Sector occurred Friday when two groups were apprehended near the border city of McAllen. Among one...

Would-be star witness Michael Cohen slams unraveling of Manhattan criminal probe into Trump

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Michael Cohen, formerly one of Donald Trump's top confidants before turning against him to become the star witness in the investigation into the New York real estate mogul's business and finances, is "'n poging om 'n stilstand aan die einde van volgende week te voorkom, aangesien befondsing tans op Februarie verval" ...

Federal prosecutors expand criminal probe into January 6, examining rally planning and fake electors

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Washington Federal criminal investigators have expanded the January 6 investigation to gather information about fundraising and organizing for the political rally held immediately before Trump supporters stormed the ...

New York-distriksaanklaer Alvin Bragg deur kritici geblaas oor ligter straf vir gewelddadige misdadigers: Deshaun Watson lawsuits may have different result than criminal process, trade has ‘chilling effect’

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But a prominent Texas-based criminal attorney who specializes in sexual abuse cases, believes those civil cases will shed light on the victims’ claims. Michelle Simpson Tuegel, who has represented sexual abuse and a...

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