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Brian Kilmeade: Democrats are letting the most aggressive criminals run free

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BRIAN KILMEADE: America's coming out of a bloody Easter weekend where cities across the country were rocked by mass shootings and street violence. While Democrats are proving once again that they are more than willin...

SoCal resident slams liberal leaders as USPS suspends mail service in neighborhood: ‘Criminals taking over’

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USPS STOPS DELIVERIES TO CALIFORNIA NEIGHBORHOOD AFTER REPEATED ATTACKS ON MAIL CARRIERS: REPORT Member of the Venice Neighborhood Council, Soledad Ursua, explained how the crime wave has affected the Santa Monica ar...

Sacramento sheriff: Downtown shooting that killed six is result of ‘treating criminals like victims’

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Just weeks later, he and his brother, 26-year-old Dandrae Martin, were allegedly involved in a gang shootout in downtown Sacramento in the early morning hours of April 3 that left six people dead and another dozen pe...

PCB Mayor: Same criminals behind Miami spring break crime now targeting Panama City Beach

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The city had a dangerous weekend with police seizing 75 guns and arresting more than 160 people.  Some of the guns seized by police in Panama City Beach over the weekend.  (Fox News) The weekend viol...

Hawley: Ketanji Brown Jackson unfit for Supreme Court because ‘she apologizes to criminals’

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Hawley told host Sean Hannity that one convict was sentenced to only three months in prison, while being eligible for up to 10 years. U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri). REUTERS/Michael A McCoy

Navalny reacts to 9-year sentence calling on Russian supporters to act against Putin regime ‘war criminals’

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"I am very grateful to everyone for their support. And, guys, I want to say: the best support for me and other political prisoners is not sympathy and kind words, but actions," Navalny said in a message shared on his...

NYC reforms aimed at tinkering with racial makeup of criminals created more Black victims: expert

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"A lot of these policies were designed explicitly around the idea that Blacks are so disproportionately represented in the people who are arrested and the people who are prosecuted and convicted and incarcerated — an...

Career criminals gain the system and earn a living in Democratic cities: Leo Terrell

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LEO TERRELL: The police officers cannot do their job. Eric Adams and his subway program is meaningless without Alvin Bragg, the district attorney. If the district attorneys of these Democratic cities do not cooperate...

Rooftop Revelations: ‘They’re not black, they’re criminals’

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What follows has been lightly edited. We strongly encourage you to watch the accompanying video so you may hear the pastor in his own words. A man came up to me this past summer and asked me what I thought about all ...

Decapitated skeletons of Roman ‘criminals’ found during England rail excavation

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About 40 decapitated skeletons unearthed by a group of archaeologists in southern England are thought to belong to "criminals" from the Roman period, researchers say. The skeletons were found when archaeologists on...

NYC police union says Manhattan DA Bragg ’emboldened’ criminals, cops ‘not safe’ after Biden visit

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"His message was sent to the criminal element. And this is why these cops were shot," Paul DiGiacomo, president of New York City's Detectives' Endowment Association, said during a phone interview Thursday, "because y...

Father of boy killed by drunk driver fears ‘slap on the wrist’ penalty: Criminals feel ’empowered’

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"I feel like [criminals] feel empowered to some extent that they are not going to be facing any major consequences and whatever they do they will be let go with just a slap of the wrist," Aditya Bhattacharya told co-...

Texas constable rips officials for ‘coddling criminals’ after deputy’s death: ‘We need to have some action’

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HOUSTON CORPORAL FUNERAL: TEXAS CONSTABLE CALLS OUT JUDICIAL SYSTEM ‘CODDLING CRIMINALS’: ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ "We need to have some action," Heap told "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade on Thursday. "We have p...

Leo Terrell: The ‘key’ to tackling crime spike is to focus on career criminals

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LEO TERRELL: …the gun issue is the issue that the Democrats want to talk about. What needs to be focused on are the career criminals that are constantly being released every day and not being held incarcerated. That'...

‘Criminals should fear us’ but don’t because of ‘soft on crime’ prosecutors: Ted Williams

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MANHATTAN DA ALVIN BRAGG TRIES TO CLARIFY CONTROVERSIAL POLICY MEMO, SAYS IT GAVE 'WRONG IMPRESSION' TED WILLIAMS: … It's no joking matter, Charles. It's no joking matter to Officer Wilbert Mora … [,] his wake is bei...

Atlanta mother remembers 6-month-old son killed by stray bullet, calls out criminals: ‘You have ruined lives’

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A 22-year-old suspect was arrested Tuesday in connection to the shooting, as police search for others involved in the incident. Police say Gray's vehicle was caught in crossfire. UK SCIENTIST VISITING GIRLFRIEND IN A...

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